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  1. helen72

    THC Testimony...….

    hey that's great that you have recovered. responsible use can really make wonders. and don't forget to appreciate the work of your neurologist lol
  2. helen72

    Cannabis And Insomnia

    well doctors give a schedule and try different variants if you don't react to the one you've been prescribed. but yeah, if this one works for you, that's great. they should totally expand the use of cannabis in neurology and mental health care.
  3. helen72

    Does CBD Oil Help With Anxiety?

    please use cannabis for getting high, and visit a doctor and take the prescribed drugs for dealing with anxiety. it's a medical condition, you should take it seriously
  4. helen72

    Cannabis And Insomnia

    one of my friends says his indica helps him with his insomnia, but i don't believe him, i think it's his SSRIs that help him lol.
  5. helen72

    A Good Indica.....

    i LOVE kosher kush. my friends also love it (they never grew it tho lol). everyone loves it. some friends say ox is also good but i've never tried it
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