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    2 Caregivers 1 House Plant Limit

    Wassup man..I'd advise against. Vert life bro. Vert life. 8 trees in flower with another 4 clone and 4 in veg. Easily done. Not pushing #so. Burn
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    Freakkkk..when you hop on holler at me!!

    Freakkkk..when you hop on holler at me!!
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    Jaws Banana Pebble og F1 (test grow)

    Looking good bro,im sure jaws has some dank in store! How the hell you guys been? Im subd for the show!
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    Shady’s Testing… The Cure for Cabin Fever

    Nice to see you got some gear running G,should find some thing you like in the mix,how many beans did you pop? Or?? Shady no worries on your misfortune in the veg room,i have had similar problems holding me up with selection,i jusrt see soo much i like form those i have popped(not just CFSB)...
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    Purple Afgoo F2 Test Grow

    Hey canna glad to see all is well homie!! To everyone else with purple afgoo,they are ALL F2's,prior to canna's note they werent going to be released,but we let 10 packs go as well ;) There will be some variation of course,the most special phenos and my personal favorite stretched more...
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    664 SQ FT Multi Room Gow

    ohh boy i have to chime in here,and no offense to you kinger... People need to do reading in order to get somewhat of an idea of whats going on. Reasonable questions are quite alright and im not saying yours ALL your questons were. And btw i would be happy to answer any SPECIFIC...
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    Karma's Jack

    Dont you love the plant vitality plus?? I also have the foliar spray bladvoeding. Question for you,after you use the vitality in foliar application how soon do you personally spray the leaves with plain water,if at all?? Love the thread btw bro,those karmas jack should be some dank,im...
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Wow i sure did miss a lot in my net absence!! Jaws you have some sick ass hybrids brotha like :icon_dizzy: whoaa Hit me up man and keep doing what you doing,im working some banana and love you continuing the line F8!!! Fucking sweet bro!! We gotta talk lol!! And that White Salmon is...
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    Every picture tells a story

    Everytime a bulb of mine goes,it's guaranteed to be on a Sunday,10 minutes before any local store..figures huh? I keep extras now lol ;) Burn CFSB
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    60 plants. G13+Hash plant. 1600w Aeroflo60 grow

    Hey gurl, Plant Vitality plus from B.A.C is some really great stuff as well,took out my mite problems pronto,i did use azamax once a few days before the Plant Vitality.. Good Luck!! Burn CFSB
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    Dj's got cabin fever...test thread

    Lets see that dank homie!! Burn CFSB
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    Whats the best White Fire Pheno?

    Well put kidtwist,referring to the no more deer part specifically..For all other prodigy and others its what is known as a genetic bottleneck. It is very important for breeders to go through the biggest selection possible when making gear. For example one could pop 10 seeds find a male and a...
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    CFSB seeds and a 600Watt LED test grow

    Lol good to hear things are on the up and up there,hope all is well with your health though bro,feel better!! Burn CFSB
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    Blue Geez, MILF meets Stud

    Hey rabbit keep up the good work brotha,its all about proper selection and the amount from which you selected from,loving what i see,hit me up one of these days!! The more beans you run in your selection the better the end result,kep ot up!!! Burn CFSB
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    Shady’s Testing… The Cure for Cabin Fever

    Hows everything going shady,hope all is well brotha!! Hit me up with a pm when you get a chance. Burn CFSB
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    Dj's got cabin fever...test thread

    bump that,killer job dj,they look to be some sick yielders for sure!! Burn CFSB
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    Dj's got cabin fever...test thread

    Hey bro,all is well,a bee sting near fatal,lol nothing crazy,I'll be hitting u up with a pm. Nice work so far brotha!! Talk to you soon! Burn CFSB
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    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    Sick work Jack, i'd love to hear more about the origin and what was behind their guessing they were from a small private breeder? Any chance or more of these,those are some lovely ladies you got there!!! Burn CFSB
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    Blue Geez, MILF meets Stud

    Yea boy i expect good things will come from the Bio-diesel,the Bio-Geez should be a stellar cross!! I love finding that special one,the kali citral hash plant stud is one of the most vigorous plants that i have ever come across..going to be spreading his love here coming up!! Keep it up...
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    Triple DEEZ - 12 beans - grow log

    Yea bro they will be fine,when that happens i'll kinda wind the twirl the stem as lightly as possible to save space when transplanting, with the leaves an inch above,tops. Burn CFSB
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