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    Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation!!!!

    This needs more attention -- bump
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    How to Properly clean your UC system

    You can add an overflow from the buckets closest to the epic-center to the buckets further from the epic-center, this will help keep the levels more..level.
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    Super Happy Today

    too good of a community on here.. thats badass man. congrats.
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    BudGoggles perpetual UCs grow show

    Reducing your water temps the last week will for sure bring out the colors.. pretty cool experience to watch looking absolutely amazing as always BG nice work bud
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    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    Wow i've been missing OUT!!! Nice work bro! :D
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    The Question

    who are you?? His ex boyfriend?? you seem upset..did he tell you to kick rocks? :character0029:
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    Longer flowering in UC????

    Plain and simple?? I know Dixincider personally, and he hasn't made the switch to UC, so i'm not sure what is so plain and simple about your crazy off the wall statements. Gods gift to growing? Deep Water Culture? Why wouldn't it be?? Its fucking epic. choke trolls :character0029:
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    Lenght of time for nute change in UC

    I not once did a complete water change out. When it was time to switch to bloom I drained the veg nutes to the top of the PVC pipe, and added my new bloom nutes.
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