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  1. Mr.GoodCat

    Am At A Loss..

    That's a soil ph chart. Coco should be 5.8-6.1
  2. Mr.GoodCat

    Droopy Plant - From Bone Dry To Freshly Watered And Everywhere In Between

    How long did you let the soil sit after mixing it up before planting into it?
  3. Mr.GoodCat

    Maiagrow Premium Cannabis Specific Nutrients Signing In

    Sweet! I've heard awesome things about this nutrient line, it's been in the inner circles for the last year or so. It's exciting to see it go to full blown retail.
  4. Mr.GoodCat

    Remember Your Very First Grow?

    My first attempt at growing indoors was a grow light on a goose necked desk lamp and a couple of bag seeds. My father found the seedlings in my closet and snapped them all. Fast forward to early 2000s and I bought a 400w hps system. I remember leaving the store I was so nervous I was being...
  5. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    Yes this thread was created for all of us to share knowledge. I had those in mind that are constantly hitting 2/2.5 and looking to crest the 3 mark. I think this can more easily be achieved with multiple lights with overlap so single light hobby growers would have a tougher time achieving this...
  6. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    I use nanolux de remote ballast with adjustawings de for what it's worth. Killer combos I have done side by sides with gavitas and I get a better spread with less micromol drop from this combo
  7. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    Environment environment environment. I have a 3 degree dead band on my temp and 5 degree dead band on humidity.77-74 temp 65-70 humidity ftw
  8. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    Definitely some good numbers. When I ran 600s when I first started growing I was getting about a unit a light with no co2 on high yielders. I was definitely a noob then and didn't have a clue about co2 ppm, nutrient ec, ph or vpd. I would just water based on feed recommendations on the back of...
  9. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    I've got plenty of pics on here if you research some of my threads. You keep pulling a pound a light and be happy with that because that's obviously your capability. This is 1 table in my room. 6k 32 plants. I'll pull at least 12 units off this one table probably closer to 15. If you sit back...
  10. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    I've got over 2 pounds of buds out of a 1k. I can piss on my plants and get a pound of light under a 1k. That's child's play and beginner grows
  11. Mr.GoodCat

    Wtf Coco Rookie Failing

    Precharge your coco with about 250 ppm of nutes at 5.8 ph until runoff shows good. Plant and keep feed with ph water at 5.8 until you get about 3 nodes then you can gradually increase ppm. 600+ is way to strong for seedlings
  12. Mr.GoodCat

    12*x10* Foot Empty Bedroom.. Plans?

    Get yourself a 630w cmh light. You will be blown away
  13. Mr.GoodCat

    Rdwc Bucket Size Question

    Plenty big for DWC unless your trying to grow 2-3 pound trees
  14. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    Unparalleled PAR values, 25% larger footprint with same micromol per square foot on average, over double bulb life with only 10% light diminishing after 10,000 hours, way more yield than an average mogul socket HPS...anyone that says they can get the same yield with another light is in left...
  15. Mr.GoodCat

    Donald Trump Strain

    I would go over BIGLY!
  16. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    Here's my crack at 3 a light on my center table. 6k. 2 more weeks of veg then we will see how she's lookin
  17. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    I wasn't promoting anything. If you're talking about the condisending comment about 3 a light and advanced nutrients then you definitely missed the're the one that came into this thread and plugged that $500 book. Have a good one
  18. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    I keep my lights about 4-5 feet during veg and about 3 feet during flower, but I use adjustawings with de bulbs. I know guys that run the gavitas at 5' plus. No I'm not asking who's read the book 3 a light or what's in the book. I despise people and companies that sell snake oil at inflated...
  19. Mr.GoodCat

    3 Per Light ... Who's Hitting It?

    That's your opinion and that's fine....but this thread is about hitting 3 per light. It's not about multiple small lights or perpetual style growing. Please quit railroading this thread with non-topic replies. Thank you.
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