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  1. GrowMaster

    GM's photo gallery

    OK its been awhile sense ive posted any pics of new grow pics, I quit taking pics for a long time and I just happened to take some of my last run I did, I ran 7 different strains they were the Banana kush, wifi#3, chemisest aka chem sister, the white 91, the raskel og, platinum kush, and lemon...
  2. GrowMaster

    Digi-lux grow bulbs

    Has anybody tried the new digilux bulbs?? if u have please elaborate on them how did u like them and did u see any difference from the bulbs u were using before u switched, im going to give them a try and see if I like them better then the Ihorts, there spouse to have 25% more blue spectrum and...
  3. GrowMaster

    Big Bubba

    Big Bubba Pre98 BubbaX BPPK Ok folks here they are heres my bubba cross I started last year that is the pre98xBPPK this is my first run with her, and im sure the next run with her will be alot better, its been hella cold with very low humidity, not to mention everything in the room got stunted...
  4. GrowMaster

    WiFi & BPPK

    WiFi OG & BPPK OK folks this is a run I just did after updating my room with some new equipment, first the update, I replaced my magnetic ballasts with some new digital ballasts, I think they are the best ones on the market right now, with less returns and they are totally silent, no fans and...
  5. GrowMaster

    ~ Cured ~

    Heres some pics I thought id share with u all, these pics are of my BPOG, purple kush, and some WIFI , the BPOG and the Purple kush both have a year and a half cure, the BPOG looks, smells and smokes just like the thi bud I used to get back in the late 70s to the mid 80s, its smokes so nice and...
  6. GrowMaster

    ~popping some beans~

    OK well I finely did it I got tired of seeing alot of peeps on here popping beans and getting some jewels, I havent popped any beans sense the 80s so im excited to see what I find, the seeds being popped are Elites Twisted purple, Markscastle Talk of Kabul and a cross of Bubba Kush and my BPOG...
  7. GrowMaster

    ~The white~ & ~Whitefire~

    Heres some pics of some white, and wifi I just trimmed up had to post up some pics cause they look so good wish I had a macro lens u guys would trip, 60% amber on the white and wifi, gonna be some good pain and sleep meds for sure :) first up the white enjoy.......GM
  8. GrowMaster

    ~The Wreck Room~

    I was at my buddies house the other day and was playing in the Wreck room:giggle having me some fun playing in the forest in the valley of the donkey Dicks :harvest:, these girls are around 38-39 days of flower, vegged for 3 weeks in 15gal buckets roots organic soil and advanced nutes and are...
  9. GrowMaster

    10X10 SOG Tentgrow

    OK everybody that gives a shit, this is a buddy of mines tent he just bought, he just got his medical card and couldent wait till I got his mother/flower room built, so he went out and got this tent to hold him over until im done with the build, so were gonna blow it up Big Papa style :rock...
  10. GrowMaster

    BP's Cut

    Ok heres my cut of lemon fule funk at 38 days of 12/12 and the mother :movie
  11. GrowMaster

    Help with resizing on a imac

    Can anybody who uses a imac help me resize my pics, do I need to buy a program, or do imacs already have one Ive tried but no luck, not to mention im a computer retard:icon_dizzy: any help would be appericated, I have some pics that will blow some mindes:smiley_joint:.
  12. GrowMaster

    new to the site not to the seen

    hello everybody, and a big waz up to all my homies, outthere in growland, I am Grow master, AKA Big PAPA, or BP ya its me:banana: I use to be on advanced nutrients fourm a while back, been checkin u guys out for a while finely decited to join to see who all made it over here, from there, hope to...
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