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    Getto Trees 3

    Beautiful grow, can you explain a little better what the two pvc pipes running under the plants are for(assuming feed and drainage), and how you set them up. Sorry to hear the UC ended up in the Landfill if I am reading that right. Good to see you around and posting, those trash can DIY UC's...
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    4" Pvc Pipe, 3" Netcups, What Size Hole Saw?

    Hi, I am setting up a system using 4" pvc pipe and 3" net cups. I have a 2 7/8" (73MM) hole saw, on a flat surface it works perfect(cuts nice flush hole) but on the convex surface of the pvc pipe it makes a hole that is too large and the net cup wobbles around. More than likely will have to...
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    Best Tree System?

    Hi farm, just wondering what is the best system for growing trees out the box, still the under current? I browsed the threads, saw some other things, wasn't sure what the general consensus was these days? Got a favorite DIY thread to share(yours or someone else's), still debating a build out or...
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    Diesels Dog House

    You have a real nice grow bud, lots of good videos too. Going to go through and take some notes :)
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    Hello Everybody! Newbie, Attempting Dwc , Top Fed Bubbleponic

    I did rdwc for a long time, I guess everything has its pluses and minuses. After several years doing soil and soilless grows, I want to get back into more active hydroponics, this is a great resource. Are you planning on using a water chiller? Looking forward to your grow, and maybe some...
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    Opticlimate / Wilma Grow Diary

    Hey there VinnieV, looking forward to your build out.
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    Hope you are well Sea

    Hope you are well Sea
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    Hello, I'd Like To Grow Some Good Pot And Bs With Some Growers!

    Thanks Diesel!
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    Hello, I'd Like To Grow Some Good Pot And Bs With Some Growers!

    Mr.Dizzle, Shady, DoubleD, TrichomeFarmer, SkyHigh, JackMayoffer still around these parts?
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    Hello, I'd Like To Grow Some Good Pot And Bs With Some Growers!

    Hi farm! I have been a member for a while, took some time off from posting. Want to really refine my skills this year, been doing the same thing over and over and haven't really been evolving or improving the last few years. Going to be spending a lot of time on here, so thought an intro...
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    Thcfarmer - Dark Mode

    Nice to be back, I got away from the DD's and UC systems so life has been pretty smooth sailing in regards to growing, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment, wanted to get back into rdwc or aeroponics. This was always the best place for information anywhere. I am surprised I remembered this...
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    Thcfarmer - Dark Mode

    Man, these forums look damn stellar, been awhile since I visited. Nice work sir!!!
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    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Been a few years since I posted, cool to still see you on the forums killing it. Hope life has been treating you well
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    Battlefield "Earth" has begun.......

    wow that's an amazing system, thanks for sharing. slick design. great job uchq :-)
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    Report Explains Why Plant Clones Aren’t Identical

    Always wondered why some clones respond differently, nice share
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    Boss's light test. LEDvsHIDvs Maybe Bad boy.

    Bossman, hope u are well. Cant believe how long it has been since the test. Time sure flys. anyone talk to lost of late?
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    doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

    Before the economy went to shit, gold and Dank were priced pretty similar :)
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