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    Jah's Variety Bucket part 2(Finger Licking Good)

    hi mate . they are all loking well nice , i got a cut of the original ecsd coming , is yours ecsd or just sourd are they the same ? also mate you got any pics of the lemon pursang ?
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    purple pynamite and others

    great pics guys , i love bmans crosses
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    Cannabis Cup 2k10

    good luck this year bro , dont enter any elites clone onlys . they win but say shit about the breeder as the breeder is not around .hope to try some nice bits see you there ,
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    2010 Candyland Cross Survey-Create a strain!!!

    i would cross the 2 most opposite strains together you have , like the most indica with say dark leaves with the most sativa out the bunch with light leaves , then you will probably get some thing totlly new but with strong influences of both parents but in a new way , this will all so add...
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    Someone throw me a Life line ASAP!!!!

    hi mate this is a wierd problem you have , just put the bags over the plants and semi tie them allow some air . ; also you could try a few things to see what the prob is , may be take a plant out of the pots and pot one into coco or soil and just water it see if it picks up , is there...
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    Someone throw me a Life line ASAP!!!!

    your plants are starved of water mate , they are not taking in water , your roots are probably dead , or not strong enough to keep your plants alive , you need to repropagate your plants , any way will do . put clear plastic bags over each one , have 1 light on and set your rez to 1.2 ec ph 6...
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    Doubleds finally gets paid !! mpb bucket system

    you deserve it mate , nice to see the love pay of
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    wierd bud tip

    its not the heat its light bleaching from to much light mate . some strains are sensitive also lower ph a bit helps . if you cant raise the lights turn one off for a few hours and so on ., i get this with agent orange and jtr both big buds but dont need as much light as other strains i run...
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    now were talking , cheers will ask alpha bout tit
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    thats what i do go back to the og and bubba ...
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    good points savanalona and darkside
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    cheers nate any male you thnik would be good me and the bman will give it a go . b was saying all the new strains he got wernt as good as the strait og or bubba ? and poorer yield , only spoke quik so could me more to what he say .
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    its good but to kushy not enough cheese , i was smoking it the other day was a very nice smoke , it may have been the chisel not 100% though , good stuff :party0033:
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    cheese and kush may be hard to make but if you get a half and half flavour then that would be amazing , bound to happen some day , chem x hindu , thats incrossing to some extent would not reveal good genes imo , why would exedus cheese and kush be crap ? the cheese x nyc from heath...
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    Uk cheese x kush's any one up for a challenge ?

    if only cheese was as easy to make as kush . dont know bout every one else but kush is getting bit tired some , kush this kush that and most are not as good as the clone onlys ... but thanks for the pioneers that have brought the kushs to the table , . i have been smoking stella...
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    MMA "smack talk"

    he was right bout kimbo though , he was over rated , but fador no way . who has the ufc got that can bang fador out , brock lesner lol . what next hulk hogan . i cant stand brock lol ,
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    MMA "smack talk"

    fador is the shnizz , no question about it , does ufc own the pride brand now ,? is faodr wtill with pride? is strike force part of pride , ? lol thanks . i just watch the fights , was a ufc fan from day one , still got the first dvds
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    Feeding mothers before cloning?

    lol sorry should have read your post better mate , was assuming , i take it back . hope we cool . on a side not the fish mix is also packed with p and k , so helpsin many ways check out these new guys :free-character-smil:rastadancing::party0023:
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    Need advice on a Dehumidifier

    if you are bringing the air into your tent from the out side of the tent and not from the out side of your house , then you are best to have the dehum in the room so it dries the air before it gets into your tent check to see how many letres a day it takes out of the air . if it has...
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