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  1. smokedareefer

    Heat damage to new germinated seedlings

    It doesn't look good, but this plant will amaze.
  2. smokedareefer

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    And you never saw anyone selling an eight They were nickles and dimes
  3. smokedareefer

    Barneys blueberry cheese indoor grow

    Everything will go 10 weeks
  4. smokedareefer

    I’m 4 days in.. thoughts??

    Looking good
  5. smokedareefer

    Leafs are curling and have a plant that keeps growing 3 leafs

    I had a chemdog 91 cross that would shoot out 3 leaves every second or 3rd node
  6. smokedareefer

    Heat issue in a bigger grow room

    Pictures help. Exhaust ideally would equal intake I'm running on negative pressure at full on. If I had non vented lights it would be a 10 inch active intake and 10 inch exhaust.
  7. smokedareefer

    Dirbags Rockin' Rockwool Revival Thread

    Nice grow Dirtbag, nice finish, I too prefer those lotsa rock hard nugs over the arm length colas everyone is chasing.
  8. smokedareefer

    Heat issue in a bigger grow room

    My room is 13X16 or 208 sq ft. With 12' ceiling. A active intake ac infinity 10" about 1200 cfm with two 8" exhaust 1600 cfm total. Split ac is really only needed when intake air is near or above room temp
  9. smokedareefer

    Been having a few problems

    Exactly! Its a tool to be used when needed.
  10. smokedareefer

    A place to post Seeds to give away / trade

    The seed exchange went well, ive not been raided and the 2 fourm members that received the seeds are still posting so were all good. Id be more worried about the strech than getting busted for these few seeds Look around, times are a changing, never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. Its 10...
  11. smokedareefer

    Rate my canopy/Time to supercrop?

  12. smokedareefer

    Does anyone have experience with low temperature Senville mini split a/c?

    I went with the p series mitsubishi with the dual zone ( veg and flower rooms) Veg room climate is mostly controlled with ventilation.
  13. smokedareefer

    Don't kill your plants with over attention

    Weed mostly grows
  14. smokedareefer

    I’m in need of help

    I grow in water, rdwc I couldn't do it without a meter. I would always be chasing my tail.
  15. smokedareefer

    How long from small 4" clone to harvest????

    Lets see, 4 weeks veg and 10 weeks flower. My guess is 14 weeks
  16. smokedareefer

    The leaves appear to be darker on the inside and kind of a lime green on the outside edges.....Any ideas?

    Too much light hitting the water as well. Fill the net pot with pebbles.
  17. smokedareefer

    Need help setting up 67 infinty control

    Just bought the 67 controller and the 2 outlets" are to plug in 2 fans to do the same thing. You'll need another controller and operate the fans separately. You'd think with the quality they sell they could at least put together a good video lol
  18. smokedareefer

    Lamest Plant equals the sweetest Budz?

    Laid down means well done. Aka more amber.
  19. smokedareefer

    Another kick at the can.

    At what rate? I too am running the same 4 site 13 gal I doubled up on the nutrients and and bumped them up to 490 ppm, seemed to ease the crash last night. 5.8 to 5.2
  20. smokedareefer

    Another kick at the can.

    How was it used?
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