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  1. TheIrieOne

    DIY Standalone DWC Bucket by hererisssh

    I few years ago I made a diary( with a DIY bucket that was created by a User (or mod?) named hererisssh. When I click on his profile and try to find his DIY tutorial it seems to be gone. I've only been able to find a wayback snap...
  2. TheIrieOne

    Hey, I think you have a DIY DWC bucket thread but I can't find it. Do you have a link?

    Hey, I think you have a DIY DWC bucket thread but I can't find it. Do you have a link?
  3. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    oh yeah I forgot to say I got rid of the ATF for some reason it wasn't doing as well as the other instead of wasting my time I just chopped it.
  4. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    Update 4/8/2011 Well the tent has been freed up of most of it's space so here are some pictures... some of them are from 1 to 3 weeks into flowering. Been really busy with the outdoor season coming up here..
  5. TheIrieOne


    nice one thanks..I've been needing info on pollination and seed development..
  6. TheIrieOne

    TheKingsOf420 "2011" 6000w hps flower room

    i'm diggin' the purple look.
  7. TheIrieOne

    Thread locked..Heres my updates..

    oh yeah,....... looking good yoda..their stacking really nicely..
  8. TheIrieOne

    Ninja Grow 600 wt

    Nice work man...looks like some airy Sativas...I love sativas..
  9. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    okay just for future reference, don't use Trinity (roots organics) in DWC. It caused my shit to foam and a slim on the roots that I wasn't pleased about..
  10. TheIrieOne

    frothy, foamy rez

    so I think figured whatever this was out..I think it was the molasses mainly because the only thing I had in my DWC was hygrozyme and trinity which has molasses..and I've never had foam problems.. until I added the trinity and a day later that shit was foaming..
  11. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    good looking fellas... thanks for the feed back it's kinda necessary mainly in part because I like secondary opinions...I think instead of flora nova bloom like the last grow, I'm leaning towards Age Old. Heard some good things about it. Let me know if there's been some experience with it in...
  12. TheIrieOne

    Frosty's Tent SHOW..... Come on it but Bring a Jacket!

    oh my god frosty.. looks dank..
  13. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    yeah same outdoor stuff has been turning purple because of the cold..and in socal it rained for like four days straight a few weeks ago..try running your lights during the night and lights off during the day...
  14. TheIrieOne

    My TGA grow!

    looking top notch man.. loving the chrnob and AO
  15. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    Yeah thanks temps stay regular pretty much, I usually adjust them with the fan controller but 60 lights off and I like to keep higher temp like 70-78 with the lights on..
  16. TheIrieOne

    600W Super-Cali Haze + Romulans

    I like the close ups.. looks good.
  17. TheIrieOne

    Bruce Banner #3

    Hey dnutz how you liking the smart pots..
  18. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    The Main reason for the late update is because the tent they were originally in is packed and will be that way for the next two months...I'm hoping these things don't get too big for the light they are under but I can hope in one hand and shit in another and in two months one is going to out...
  19. TheIrieOne

    Irie 400/600watt DWC

    okay so it's been a while since I updated because a few things have changed..They started to move at a patient pace mainly because I'm going easy on the feeding.
  20. TheIrieOne

    600w Closet Overgrow.

    Keep at it man.. looking nice.
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