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    I Have Motorbreath

    sorry jimmy and everyone watching, i've been a little busy as of late i'll post an update with pics soon, i've been taking pics along the way so all is good:yes: they are all lookin sweet tho, all but 1 is in the IWS DWC system, i've super croped them all and they are already lookin very...
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    Pics of Chemdawg#4 x Sour Diesel

    eays bro:)glad you like the pics no this is not my own cross, its a Rezdog creation he called 4SD Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    Blockhead,chem d ,c99 and various mix

    sweet bro carnt wait to see them blockheads gona be killer:)
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    Connoisseur vs H&G vs Canna, Which is best for Coco,& Y

    Kool, thanks bro:)
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    Connoisseur vs H&G vs Canna, Which is best for Coco,& Y

    please explain heads mod. i understand the Lucas formula but if i have got it wrong please correct me for flower 8ml micro, 16ml bloom per us gallon and Grow 5ml micro, 10ml bloom what mods does head make to the formula?? Peace Genius
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    Gators Quest for 10 lbs.

    looking AWESOME bro:yes
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    Pics of Chemdawg#4 x Sour Diesel

    another pic i dug out:) Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    Snowdawg Seeded Pics

    Got my Avalanche today :) Thanks logic, these beans look awesome:yes very large indeed, MASSIVE calyx's on the Snowdawg to make seeds this big, some of the biggest beans i've ever brought. Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    I Have Motorbreath

    OK Jimmy, here you go :) oh yeah, i said they are in 3" cubes but i ment to say 4" cubes i pre-soaked the cubes in water with some H&G Roots Excel(0.3ml/ltr) and a little GH Flora 3part very weak solution of 1ml/ltr Micro & 2ml/ltr bloom...
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    I Have Motorbreath

    Right, i think its time for a little update:) Not much to "Show N Tell" at this point but hears whats happend so far I soaked the MotorBreath seeds in a glass of water for 16 hours and then placed them into coco jiffy pellets, 2 of the seeds popped up within 36 hours and the other 4 seeds...
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    Ripz has been outed!

    Just bin to the site and seen his mug shot, what a clown. well thats karma for ya, what go's around comes around. Peace Genius :smiley_joint:
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    hello from Divine Genetics

    lol.. there available now bro, check the bay, 13 packs left :) Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    deep water cultivation

    Easy bro, thought i would let you know, I've just taken a closer look at my Hydor Air Pump and your right, they do have a little bit that spins round. so i guess that answers my question and i wont be buyin any more Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    Exodus Psychosis & Exodus Cheese

    Awesome bro,:yes im chuffed to bits you tryed that recipe, and yours came out lookin better than mine lol.. also, i like how you added 100g of canna butter to the recipe, great idea:yes Proper glad you liked em bro, i told you they f&*% you up!! killer med's 4sho :) Peace GeniusG...
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    Purple Erkle--Gettin Ready For The AXE

    looks proper tasty bro, good job:) Peace Genius :smiley_joint:
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    What's The Best Strain For Bad Pain?????

    Thanks for the kind words bro:) i must agree with you Crom the indy dom strains are far better at relieving my pain's and lookin for that grail sure is fun, fink i might find her soon in the MotorBreath(Chem D x SFV OGK), carnt wait. hope the root canal go's well, i hate the dentist...
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    Snowdawg Seeded Pics

    Had to grab a pack of these, gona be some killer smoke Thanks again logic. Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    Status updates

    grabed a pack of the Avalanche, i'll have to get the Plum Princess next time Thanks logic, carnt wait to get these poppin :) Peace GeniusG :smiley_joint:
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    deep water cultivation

    no bro the tops dont spin i've got 1 and the only thing i dont like about them is you have to plug-in every single 1, so for my 12 dwc buckets i would need to plug in 12 Hydor Air Pumps just wondered if anyone eles has used them, the oxy pots come with the Hydor Air Pump now, instead...
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    deep water cultivation

    just thought i would jump in and ask a question, what do you guys think of the Hydor Ario Submersible Air Pumps instead of airstones here's some info on them; No Air stones or tube required! The innovative aerator ARIO has all the necessary features for the ideal oxygenation of your...
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