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  1. Fraktaal

    Blue Leaves Healthier?

    I've had this. After a while both became the same color green. Could be something to do with health of the seeds actually
  2. Fraktaal

    First Time Flowering, No Smell?

    What about giving it something to boost terps production? Like a jasmonate spray
  3. Fraktaal

    6 Lights....19 Lbs

    He's getting approximately 1.437 grams per watt. That's amazingly good without DWC & CO2
  4. Fraktaal


    Also have you thought about using the B54s instead?
  5. Fraktaal


    Hey brother thanks for the P-177 ;) So in your opinion does it matter what the time frame is that you initially dry the buds before you put them in the jars??
  6. Fraktaal

    Our Strawberries...4 pheno types!

    Stellar work BOG!
  7. Fraktaal

    YZER KUSH X PAHOEHOE .....Tester

    Coming along very nicely brother!
  8. Fraktaal

    YZER KUSH X PAHOEHOE .....Tester

    Never even heard of this one. Interested is seeing how it turns out seeing as I have no idea of what to expect!
  9. Fraktaal

    The Casper & Wifi pheno hunt

    Those babies are going to blow up for sure!
  10. Fraktaal


    Hope you guys pull through alright. And your girls...
  11. Fraktaal

    Medicinal benefits of Delta8-THC

    Whoa…that…link…is…crazy… Who would have thought..
  12. Fraktaal

    Medicinal benefits of Delta8-THC

    Interesting. What about converting CBN back into THC?
  13. Fraktaal

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    Hahaha that's a sound method. :)
  14. Fraktaal

    Have you seen twins in a strain before?

    Yep, not twins in the same sense that the others are.
  15. Fraktaal

    INDOOR - OUTDOOR: the most efficient cash crop.

    “Indoor outdoor” might be efficient for electricity, but its a far cry from lazyman's farming brother. I like fully automated high tech gadgety systems that mean I rarely need to do much other than refill the cone piece. lol ;)
  16. Fraktaal

    Is Worm Tea Really That Good???

    Just read the link, not a bad read brother. I found it interesting what they had to say on the compost leachates..I have always considered it good to use. I still would use it actually, the "potential" risks in using it aren't great enough for me to cease.
  17. Fraktaal

    Nightfire OG

    Weak phenotype by the sounds of it brother. Not every individual can be a rock star.
  18. Fraktaal

    Purple Corinto/Highland Columbian x P.O.A. Afghan (1974)

    Really nice looking plants brother. How long does the breeding/selection/stabilization process take you and how many generations do you run before you end up with a finished product?
  19. Fraktaal

    New to the site

    Welcome aboard brother. Definitely not lacking choices! :)
  20. Fraktaal

    florescent lighting

    Talk about thread derailment! LOL If you're just doing a microgrow brother, see how you go on the T5s for your first run. If you're happy with the results, you may as well save some money and stick with them. If you'd like a bigger yield on your next run, then consider switching over.
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