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    2 patients one house?

    Good luck. Their natural position will be to state they have no state guidelines and that they will refer you back to the law... or if honest, they will simply say they don't know & can't help. From back in the day, thought I heard of two in the same house & they had separate & distinct...
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    CNN: Where are all the marijuana millionaires?

    It ain't easy bein a gansta... ;-)
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    basic question about mycho, trich and molasses

    MM~ the only tid bit that I can add is that w RE first came out, the local H&G rep told be face to face that it was bacterial based... and that it specifically was unique because it was anaerobic vs aerobic, which is what most bacillus based products are. Basically, it can live in water...
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    What's the latest from Vegas?

    You're so damn polite! Bahhhhhhhhhhhh ;-) Currently the law doesn't allow 'for consideration' transfers... no cost reimbursements, no donations, no nothing. Those that are pushing it, are pushing against the above. Metro can come in and smash & grab any time they like... and never...
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    Opinions on Aurora CO please....

    Awoowaa... local leo has it passed down... don't bother with the small stuff. They'l come by when called... maybe not for a day or two... leave a card if ya don't answer... and make an appointment to stop by w ya call em back. Makes a straight plant count of 6 per patient for a CG grow plus...
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    Proper curing?

    Likely, if you're tasting the 'green'... it's just not dried enough. Let it go all the way dry, then jar it, then smoke. ;-)
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    Some sick shit going on in MI

    Sorry brother, but I see what your saying, just that you're a part of the very propaganda scheme that we should be rebuffing. To start, things are indeed very bad... all over. But the reasons for this have been in place & planned for a number of decades... and have very little to do with...
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    clone only strains clones

    hmmmm.... heard the chemd, lvpk, kksc & the white just landed... plus a few others... ;-)
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    SW MI Strains ?

    Is that the skinny on the dips... no one carries live cuts in the shops??? Just tryin to fig out the scene... ;-) Thanks bro!
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    Harmonic Sound Waves to increase Yield

    You need to use one of the copper pyramid hats in order to 'best' take advantage of the harmonics... and to hang Japanese kanji of 'happiness' in each direction surrounding the plants & rez, which is proven (by electron microscope) to impact the molecular structure of water, thusly making the...
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    High Times Disp Cup April 2 & 3

    Yeah... basically 5 bows outta give ya a shot, and some ass smackin...
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    Need help identifying this infestation

    That's a pretty big population... but if you want a 'soft' approach... give hort oil and insecticidal soaps a try. Talking total drench/soak... every part of the plant. GL!
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    Southern Charm

    Damn dude... nice chop!!! Heard she's out to MI & some overseas inquiries... ;-)
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    Senators ready to help the greedy

    Basically, at some point, MI is likely going to start cutting & pasting from CO shit. The local mess won't last for too much longer, though hoping y'all keep the local rule going for a while... From this side of the fence, looks greener on your side MI... ;-)
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    Colorado State Forum killing it w/10k + posts

    It's true... at least in the manner they did what they did... drove pretty much all the CO growers/posters away. Guess they had some 'logic' in mind...???
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    Who can sell to dispensaries?

    Gots some room in the uhaul... ;-)
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    Bugs in new coco!

    Here's a likely list to work from... springtails (hop), soil mites (oribitid), gnats... less likely aphids. Curious to know myself... from the bag?
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    This guy must have ESL.

    dude... we need to get you outta that hole for a little... ;-)
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    Eagle 20 dilution rate??

    Dunno... been in this room where they weren't spray-drippin the entire plant... granted they never did correct the underlying problems, but the PM persisted. Just seems that you really need to get the entire surface of the plant. Seen a couple of rooms where Eagle 20 alone didn't eradicate...
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    Caregiver Regulations

    Pretty sure you're going to have to get listed with the State, and then submit to local zoning & code... with the standard inspections as they apply... including annual fire. Likely you will also need insurance for the spot. Could always find someone with commercial space that is a little...
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