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  1. Bitters420

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    Seed Cellar in Jackson. But, stay away from any of the 420FastBuds stuff they have. Last 2 orders were runts that never grew taller than 11"
  2. Bitters420

    Not to sure about these

    Setting it to 18/6 is good. If those are autos, plant those in the final size pot you want to use. Transplanting those can/will shock them and can potentially stunt them and slow down growth.
  3. Bitters420

    Found what looks like a huge CHUNK OF MEAT in a bottle of Fox Farms Tiger Bloom

    I was wondering what UofM Oncology did to my right nut, after they took it out of me! You see any tumor lumps on it? Lol
  4. Bitters420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Just a little, 10" tall, Auto Gelato by 420 Fast Buds. This is the last time buying these runt genetics. But, the trichs are glistening and have a nice red/purple/pink color running inside them.
  5. Bitters420

    Mars Hydro 2 in 1 fan sizing question

    I have my filter inside of tent at top, in a corner, with ducting running out of tent to my fan, that is mounted on a wall, then exhausted out of room from there.
  6. Bitters420

    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    And, they "will offer best price LOL" They throw in the lol, because they know they are wrong and still charging too much for "tested" equipment. Test results that they won't answer verification questions about.
  7. Bitters420

    Little help identifying a habitual issue

    Looking at your specs you gave, I do not see that you added any perlite to the mix. If you add some #4 perlite to make up around 20-30% of your medium, it will help with pockets of wet/dry areas. It will also make it so the soil is not so compacted, making it easier for the roots to move and...
  8. Bitters420

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    Lots of us Michiganders.
  9. Bitters420

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    I usually place order online, then call them to let them know when I will be there. Live around Capitol area and can usually pick them up in a few hours. Sometimes I have added to my order on the way there and they have no problems filling the order.
  10. Bitters420

    Is anybody running delicious seeds

    Every plant I had in bloom, 4 per cycle, got the PM. All different genetics.
  11. Bitters420

    Is anybody running delicious seeds

    Well, my bloom room was not perfect with temps and add to it that I live in a house built in the 1870's in Michigan, does not help anything with keeping temp warm in winter. Even with switching from a 600w hps to a 1000w, I had a bigger swing in temps this year for some reason and got PM 3...
  12. Bitters420

    Is anybody running delicious seeds

    This is my Fruity Chronic Juice a few days before the PM showed up. 3 days later, I had over 20 spots of PM and was crawling into the buds.
  13. Bitters420

    Is anybody running delicious seeds

    I can't tell you about Golosa, but I have in veg, 3 Fruity Chronic Juice and 1 Northern Lights Blue. Had to chop one of my FCJ last month in week 6 of bloom due to PM outbreak from temperature swing. It was looking and smelling great, up to that point. Pretty easy feeders so far. I am running in...
  14. Bitters420

    And discount codes for mars hydro or spider farmer Here are some MarsHydro codes.
  15. Bitters420

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

    USA Thank you very much
  16. Bitters420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    A little better close-up of my sweet mystery at cut time, and an overhead shot of those purples.
  17. Bitters420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Week 12 1/2 of a mystery seed given to me from Seed Cellar. Had only 1 out of 3 that ended up as female. Cutting it down today and leaving 2 lowest branches for reveg. Smells like sweet melted citrus candies mixed with a pungent blueberry and kush undertones.
  18. Bitters420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Just harvested this Gorilla Cookies by Elev8. Very sweet and gas smell with a hint of garlic. Took 9 1/2 weeks for flower to have about 20% amber trichromes.
  19. Bitters420

    Is something wrong with my plant?

    Looks good. Just bent toward the light while popping out. Just get some flower or horticultural ties and bend where you want it to go.
  20. Bitters420

    SOS !!! | Please HELP! Don't Know WTF IS GOING ON

    Do your containers have enough drain holes? Is that a clay terracotta pot or plastic?
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