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    BHO by OGp, 1st crack at it.

    Awesome story!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Moisture/water/h20 and bho

    I've read most all the posts here and tc, unfortunately I've read only short descriptions of why its bad to do and visa versa which put these questions in my head to begin with. I usually get an undesirable sizzle with oil that comes out of a fridge/ freezer. Also since I've taken water out of...
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    Moisture/water/h20 and bho

    Im not a chemist but from my lurking around I notice lots of people around these parts are. I have some concerns when making oil with moisture. It's widely recommend to use hot water in purging but I have my discrepancies. Any scientists or chemists out there have any information to help me form...
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    BHO Purging Method

    I expected more people to be using low heat - the vote option is kinda vague and off - low heat + vac is my personal preference and it takes longer then over night for me.
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    best butane to use?

    Yeah I felt silly just having done my first few runs with vector. So much more expensive then power and I didn't notice a single difference when I switched.
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    Sour Alien Fruity Pebbles & Sour Lemon Alien Dawg (Alien Genetics)

    Mmmmm sounds like a very flavorful selection you have there! Good luck, can't wait to see what's to come!
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    DJ Short`s - Blueberry

    Wow blue berry is right! Can't wait to see all the different blueberries compare! Good luck bud!
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    TopDawg Seeds Guava #13

    Hash makers dream is right! Sounds like it would make great oil/wax!
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    best butane to use?

    So powers got 7x now, it's about $42 a case as a posed the $20 something they told me for 5x. Going to give 5x a run I guess. Anyone compare vector to power accurately??
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    7x gas

    So power makes 7x and 5x? Only seen the 5x thats pictured and it's like half the price of vector but not sure howmthe results compare, in my torch I've noticed a difference between the two but not sure how that reflects on extracting.
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    7x gas

    7x huh interesting, how does power work for people? Power compared to vector? I've noticed a difference between burning vector and power in my torch so I'd assume I'll also notice a difference in using them to extract other than the price.
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    Vacuum Purging

    Had my first 2 pumps not work right out of the box. Screw harbor freight but they are cheap. I'm actually doing a case at a time, running a trim mix that actually wound up having a ton of buds. I did an initial hot tap water purge then I've been vaccing and heating with a hot rice pack and...
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    Hashmaster-kut... you alive??

    I saw one at dementia in north Hollywood, I assume they'd have them at the others too, woodland hills gets the most traffic I think but its gotma huge selection. The noho location had 1 real curve labeled with HMK on a sticker so I assumed it was real, right next to it they have an army of what...
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    General Question

    It's the opposite really, for most, the oil dome is most efficient and easier to use with a titanium nail then glass nails and curves/ skillets IMO. Like everything opinions are different but when it comes to easy to use ti nail and dome has the curve beat.
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    New tech addition for BHO

    Very interesting, curious to give it a try, how does it effect flavor and texture in the end product?
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    BipolarHiRoller's First Grow. LEGAL!

    Image uploading and attaching photos both are giving me errors. I am only uploading 2 at a time too so I have no idea what the problem is. What ever. Tahoe Super Lemon Haze SFV OG OG x Bubba Mad Man OG Diablo OG
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    BipolarHiRoller's First Grow. LEGAL!

    Just been getting things adjusted. I've been sick and dealing with court / alcohol classes so I haven't really had to the time to update. Please forgive me. So girls got flipped on 1-5-11 to 12/12 so it has been 8 days of flower so far. The new secret jardin is way better than my last...
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    Shark tank #2

    Inspirational job brotha. Good luck to you on finding a new place. Our lease ends in June and we want to move somewhere that we don't have to pay 1000$ a month for a small old 1 bedroom in a fairly poor neighborhood. Poor enough for me to not feel safe raising a kid here and for there to be...
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    220 plants in a bonsai wheel

    I've seen these things go for cheaper than I would think they cost in my area on C-list, hope to see things go smoothly for you and maybe I can consider getting one, they look so efficient.
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    BipolarHiRoller's First Grow. LEGAL!

    New Secret Jardin is set up and the move has been made. Pics soon.
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