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  1. sour power

    Bubba Kush 400w Stealth Grow Tent

    ghost face gave you the best advice.prune some of that but only whats covering bud sites.after 18-21 days into flower do it again and then leave it alone.keep in mind you need to have good air flow ,over,under, and blowing around your plants.
  2. sour power

    Finally Hit The Big Leagues 1.5 plus GPW

    ^^^^ lol
  3. sour power

    Viagra for Women - Marijuana Revealed!!!

    i dont know but im gonna try it on my girl:devil
  4. sour power

    sour diesel= best strain hands down

    Love the name lol.I'm from Boston but now I reside in RI as a med patient.I also think sour d is the greatest
  5. sour power

    Is there a way to get clones legally or is that not an option?

    seriously 51 views and not one! nevermind......
  6. sour power

    Is there a way to get clones legally or is that not an option?

    sup farmers! im a med patient out of RI thanks to a special person from the farm.thanks bro you know who u question is- is there a way for us RI patients to get clones legally from somewhere or are we just tired of popping beans.dont get me wrong i dont have a problem getting...
  7. sour power

    LED Suggestions

    Hold on am I hearing things right?do these lights really yeild bud like a hps or is it hype?not trying to start nothing but last I heard led lights don't perform as well as hid and hps.I would buy one in a heart beat but how many led lights is equivalent to 5 hps?and will it really yeild better?
  8. sour power

    does anyone have info on Generater's?

    Looking to go off the grid.anyone with first hand knowledge plz pm me or a detail break down of everything I will need and can expect. The pros/cons.the different types of generaterts,and the most quiet.looking to use 15000 - 18000 watts so I know I need a beast
  9. sour power

    doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

    pulling up a seat
  10. sour power

    What is the best recipe for cannabis butter?

    hands down texas kid has the best butter recipe
  11. sour power

    the name game........

    enterprize 99 cromulan universe 99
  12. sour power

    cherry lust?

    nah bro cant get my i dont grow it i dont smoke it.i was just trying to find out what all the hype is and how i could get in lol.
  13. sour power

    Pink Kush and Blue Satellite 2.2 keepers

    i dont see no pics
  14. sour power

    Modesto LEO sniffs out Underground grow-op

    sucks ass right now for those guys.good luck with the case.
  15. sour power

    Popular Joey Weed strains?

    there are a few different pheno's in moonshadow but yes the ones i smoked had both highs
  16. sour power

    cherry lust?

  17. sour power

    cherry lust?

    im looking for info on this of my boys told me its a strain with a crazy high and taste just like candy.he also said it cost $700 a ounce wtf,and this is the price in looking for info on this does anyone have any?thanks and peace!
  18. sour power

    The WU has returned...

    ice cream is in one of the best raps ever.i grew up off wu tang
  19. sour power

    Popular Joey Weed strains?

    moon shadow is crazy.its chemo x c99 expext big yeilds with a chemmy fruity flavor with a strong stone high
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