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  1. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders Aligee

    I had seven males in my pack, one just unhealthy and died. I have two vigorous girls left.
  2. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders

    Here are the two Grape Invader ladies I ended up with out of my pack, prepping them to be mother plants.
  3. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders

    Bummer, only two out of the 10 beans ended up as girls.. hopefully they are bad ass ones at least...
  4. jimmyhoffa59

    Anyone use one of those Vertex vertical gardens before?

    I was just wondering if anyone has used those vertical type gardens, I saw was called Vertex but when I did a search online I did not see anything about anyone using one.. Thoughts or comments?
  5. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders Aligee

    Alright that sounds great I cannot wait to see some pictures.
  6. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders Aligee

    Understood, could someone please point me in that direction? I have 8 babies going of the grape invaders and know nothing about which phenos there are, not trying to sound rude Aligee but how come you do not have any finished photos of this strain? Only asking because I really want to see. thanks
  7. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders Aligee

    Where are these phenos people are talking about in this thread? I have been asking for photos in a different post under his thread...
  8. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders

    Guess not...:(
  9. jimmyhoffa59

    Grape Invaders

    Soooo does anyone have any finished photos of the grape invaders strain? I just popped some beans of it and was wondering if there was anything to be looking for or phenos I might wanna keep an eye for?
  10. jimmyhoffa59

    AK47 First Grow

    Done with bud in mid to late oct probably.
  11. jimmyhoffa59

    Looking for that perfect purple stain

    I have honestly yet to see anyone with a Blackwater that looks ANYTHING like they advertise for.
  12. jimmyhoffa59

    What you guys think???

    Wow not trying to be negative but I think that thing has a LONG ways to go, even when I open the photo HUGE there is very minimal trich building and it just looks too leafy, no calyxes
  13. jimmyhoffa59

    Blackwater OG

    Not impressed.. not with what you got man but I just mean the photo they use for selling this strain looks INSANE.. yet to actually see any bud looking that way though or anyone with that black looking Pheno..
  14. jimmyhoffa59

    Experimental 2KW G13 4' X 8' SCROG

    Holy shit this is incredible I love it!!!
  15. jimmyhoffa59

    UC 4XL Scrog in Double Lid Under 1000W

    Wow man I am impressed that looks great you got a couple more weeks of flower to go.. I do not even see any orange hairs yet at all.. your Co2 should be really low right now or off at this stage. Do not fool with too much and let them go a nice long flower they still got major weight to pack on...
  16. jimmyhoffa59

    MY first outdoor!

    Thats shitty, I never heard of them gophers going through the smart pots.. little bastards I have seen these hoop house things.. is it just regular pvc bent like that?
  17. jimmyhoffa59

    MY first outdoor!

    Not a single input guys?
  18. jimmyhoffa59

    MY first outdoor!

    So I am going to do a nice big outdoor this year.. momma letting me have access to a portion of her 20 acres. I have done some research and have a great plot. Because of gophers and moles I have been advised to go along with smart pots to avoid losing some 5+lb plants. Strains I plan to run...
  19. jimmyhoffa59

    Should I be worried

    WORD ! I like that theory that is what I tell myself!:character0029:
  20. jimmyhoffa59

    Game On Woodsmaneh UC8XL13 7k

    Lower your light intensity.. do NOT run Physan 20 your roots look fine they are just locked out.. just fresh ph's water and lower lights intensity for a couple days to see if they come back, do not fuck with them too much or your going to shock the shit out of them rinsing and all that h2o2...
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