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    so proud of u man
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    9,000w Underground Grower saying Hi

    wow sry for the delay responding, forgot about this thread. Did the digging myself, but didn't have to do TOO much, the area was already partially there. We got some OG, Bubba, SD, and Blue Dream in there right now. Thanks guys
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    10kw BLOOM ROOM

    represent! man trimmin these are gonna suuuuuck lol
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    60 X 1000 Watts Under Current Hydro 20 Tons Of Ac And Some Co2

    Just amazing. Doesn't even look real.
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    9,000w Underground Grower saying Hi

    Hello. Not new to the forum world, but decided to create an account here because the forum I've belonged to for years is getting a little "big" for me. I've been growing for 4 years, and currently have a 9,000watt semi-underground grow going. Figured I'd say hi, and I'll see all you...
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