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    pictures / smart phones / security

    I take pics with my camera and upload to a usb drive. Then use a metadata removing software to strip the image before uplaoding to a website (direct from the usb drive).
  2. iCultivate

    "Smart" electricity meters can ID your lights

    As of now has anyone heard of people actually being busted for their power signature? -icultivate-
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    15months To End Of Flower

    I wasn't sure where to stick this thread.. I've had this idea for a while. Finally Ive decided to bite the bullet and see what happens, but first wanted to post here to see if anyone else has tried the same. I want to see how much I can get off one plant. Mostly I grow indoors but I also had a...
  4. iCultivate

    Greenhouse In The Far North

    Supplementary light will draw a lot of attention. If thats not an issue then definitely do it, you'll certainly get a return on yield
  5. iCultivate

    A "must Have" Tool For The Outdoor Grower...

    Thats why I love this site. Cheers!
  6. iCultivate

    Your New Garden Fertilizer

    Atleast it sorts out iron deficiency
  7. iCultivate

    Your New Garden Fertilizer

    ..And there it's gonna stay till we all got it out of our system
  8. iCultivate

    Pink Trikes

    Something like this?
  9. iCultivate

    Pink Trikes

    That be something special you got there.
  10. iCultivate

    ..because I can

    ..because I can
  11. iCultivate

    Stoners get high on love with marijuana dating sites

    Wow... -- iCultivate --
  12. iCultivate

    dry out there....

    LOL Someone will always profit. -- iCultivate --
  13. iCultivate

    Pharmacologically Active Plants

    The button part is the top of the cactus, basically the entire above-ground portion of the plant. You're better off eating san pedro cacti and allies, as they're way faster growing and not endangered. -- iCultivate --
  14. iCultivate

    Artificial photosynthesis: mimicking nature to produce the energy of the future

    Artificial photosynthesis: mimicking nature to produce the energy of the future Tuesday 16 September 2014 4:25PM Antony Funnell Image: The Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, a DOE Energy Innovation Hub aimed at developing the technology to commercially generate fuels directly from...
  15. iCultivate

    Jdubs Green Ribbon and more..

    Awesome pics mate! Bit of a frost fest :) -- iCultivate --
  16. iCultivate

    Anyone use light movers?

    It doesn’t have to be. It’s what they are used for that matters to the court. Anything that can make your room look more like some sophisticated drug lab where you are synthesising cannabis (yes totally fuckin’ ridiculous) means a heftier sentence and looks better for the police. I don't know...
  17. iCultivate

    The Purps

    Nice shots mate, colours in those nugs is beautiful! That is some damned pretty bud! -- iCultivate --
  18. iCultivate

    Anyone use light movers?

    Yes everything that is a gadget, a device or a an ‘article’. They put it them in separate bags and present it to the courts in a way that is to manipulate the judge into thinking you are a drug lord. I have seen it happen to many close friends and its heart breaking. One of the reasons...
  19. iCultivate

    Nomads Landing Farm: The Daily Grind

    Indeed, nice to see you here again mate. -- iCultivate --
  20. iCultivate

    Pharmacologically Active Plants

    Cute button. :) -- iCultivate --
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