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  1. Sativajoe

    Looking for big budxwhite widow seeds.

    Yes agreed,, does yield well and easy to grow,, but not over powerful stone,, and also watch for mould,, Hey it's not the worst I had ever tried or had and yes I would still have a go at it but probably outside,,I just think it is more suited to the outside than a tent
  2. Sativajoe

    Switching to coco coir, help.

    Canna Coco,. Start to finish,,1Ml per litre,, when the plant is only small up to say a month 5 weeks of age,, then increase to 2 mil per litre for the rest of the grow. When flower time comes along ad 1 Ml of Canna PK-13/14 for the first 2 weeks,, then again for one week at week 5,, and you will...
  3. Sativajoe

    Cats ate my leafs please help

    take me to your dealer
  4. Sativajoe

    Day 4 of germinating in water,help!

    I really don't get all this paper towel and soaking seeds 4 days business I use a very sophisticated approach,,, get some very pliable soil let's say seed raising mix,, put in Solo cup or something similar,,, poke hole in soil about half inch depth, put seed in hole,, cover with soil,, water...
  5. Sativajoe

    So what is your favourite purple strain and why

  6. Sativajoe

    So what is your favourite purple strain and why

    Hey guys and girls,, who out there doesn't mind a bit of purple bud,, Have you grown some strains with success Which ones ,,were they easy to grow ,,please give us your thoughts
  7. Sativajoe

    How to water seedlings in coco?

    No need for clonex Keep nutes very low, for now,,1/4 strength
  8. Sativajoe

    Hello all!

    20/4 works very well for autos Some Auto growers leave the light on 24/7, but you will find most growers do have a dark period,.... The trick with autos is to give them the biggest and best start possible, any setbacks or failure before they automatically flower between 30 and 40 days usually...
  9. Sativajoe

    Another Old fart in the garden.

    Hoping you are very successful at your ventures oh my god
  10. Sativajoe

    Gogro pots,, has anybody had a crack at em ?

    Hi all,, been looking at these gogro automatic watering system pots ,, Basically set and forget without any electricity involved,, (unless you want to use an air stone,) Has anybody out there given them a wirl as yet,,, what are your thoughts
  11. Sativajoe

    Mega crop,, is there anything Oz similar to it,

    Hey gardeners,, wondering if there is anything available in Australia that comes close to mega crop,, Cheers,,
  12. Sativajoe

    Dry weight from an auto what's your best

    Did you run different strains,not knowing a hell of a lot I believe some breeders are better at their autos than others,,, so I have been told,,Memphis & Dutch Passion. Are fairly solid Would you have another go with autos ??
  13. Sativajoe

    Northern lights express 70 days in

    Are they autos ? Sounds like they are,, if so take no notice of what the breeders tell you,, it's their business to sell seeds
  14. Sativajoe

    Dry weight from an auto what's your best

    By today's standard that isn't that smart it was called Auto pounder, I can't remember the breeder, and it went just over the 100 days,, so much for the breeders claims of 75 or whatever it was I did see a video of an auto grow by someone calling himself the king, from memory he grew a Auto...
  15. Sativajoe

    Dry weight from an auto what's your best

    Hey farmers,, time for some bragging rights, as Time goes by autos are getting stronger and bigger,, what is your best achievement with an auto ?? My best has only been 6 oz but that was a few years ago there is a lot more strains out there now,,interested to hear what the modern day farmer is...
  16. Sativajoe

    Little to no odour strains for outside stealth grow

    A few weeks ago I was down at a buddies place having a beer and yak,, nice sunny day in just a slight breeze,, every now and then I got a whiff of hooter,, which surprised me as he'd been done before,, and sure enough there was three little autos not far from harvest in pots under a fruit tree...
  17. Sativajoe

    Little to no odour strains for outside stealth grow

    Hey gardeners,, interested in finding a strain for outside with very little odour due to a few inquisitive neighbours,, any comments appreciated
  18. Sativajoe

    Butter makers are they worth the dollars or is there a better way

    A decarb box ,? All this is new to me ( but not growing) my aim is to make some caps containing both CBD and THC to help me treat this ridiculous chronic pain,you can swallow a pill anywhere anytime but not smoke I'm guessing a decarb box replaces the oven method ? Love to hear more Cheers
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