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  1. urbanfog

    This Site Needs Some Good Outdoor Grow Logs

    My 2nd yr doing outdoor. Woody kush Ken's GDP Diamond Head
  2. urbanfog

    Coco Path: 600w Hempy 4x4

    Looks great. I'm loving the colors, just finished reading your journal, thanks
  3. urbanfog

    Best Autoflower Breeders?

    Was just looking at their 24carat and the tyrone special. Looks awesome, never done autos so I may have to give a try
  4. urbanfog

    Anyone Else Try Magical Butter Machine?

    Love mine. I love cooking with the coconut oil. I need to epoxy my handle though, it broke at the handle
  5. urbanfog

    Boiling Roots??

    learned about this on riddle! RIP Lummi
  6. urbanfog

    The Adventure Continues. 2016 Edition

  7. urbanfog

    Elk Grove Laws

    As long as your not trying to run 100 plants in your back yard, the community is pretty open about it. I have both indoor and outdoor running thru out the year. Outdoor does require a "secure" area, hence my "lockable" greenhouse, and indoor is securable being indoor
  8. urbanfog

    Mars Hydro Led Grow Light Family

    My veg area is 4x8 and flower is 4x4. Currently running 2 x 600 digitals for flower. Was looking on your ebay store and am thinking about 2 x 1200, would love your input feel free to message me with your ideas. Will be purchasing in next 1-2 months. Seeds are germing right now :D Thanks...
  9. urbanfog

    Mars Hydro Led Grow Light Family

    I am interested in some pricing. Looking to move from cmh/mh/hps . Whats the best way to get costs? Thanks Urban
  10. urbanfog

    Elk Grove Laws

    I know my city has a stigma of " low class" but I love it in Rio Linda. Sac county, north of sacramento about 30-40 minutes to Rancho. I used to drive to rancho daily and it is not too bad. Also bought my house 6 years ago @ 105k :D Now looking at great equity. Very "country" feel, for the most...
  11. urbanfog

    Anyone Else Try Magical Butter Machine?

    got mine 2 days ago! already made 1lb butter and have been running a vg tinc for 8 hours, cant wait to test :)
  12. urbanfog

    Our Aquaponics System...

    NICE GUYS! My daughter took aquaponics this last semester and we have been talking about a back yard system, I think noww I have the motivation :D Subbed UF
  13. urbanfog

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    glad things seem to be going better !
  14. urbanfog


    As always looking great :D that green crack sounds nice :)
  15. urbanfog

    New Plant Questiin

    looks fine to me :) good job, they are just reaching for the light :D
  16. urbanfog

    Cost Of Doctor Recommendation In Cali?

    basic script 45-50 growers rec/script with raised limits 125
  17. urbanfog

    Worm Farming Aka Vermicomposting!

    <3 my worms! I run 2 big rubbermaid tubs and harvested 5-10lbs of castings o' love :D Between the worms eating my scraps, I also shred all my "newspaper/paper scraps" for them to demolish! Between teas and top dressing everything from my veggies in the yard, my greenhousers & house plants and...
  18. urbanfog

    Free Samples?

    Ive always found a quick phone call and some conversation works wonders :D *as a business owner, I appriciate it so I know how I feel ;P #goodrelationships
  19. urbanfog

    When To Start Seeds For Outdoor?

    threw 2 monsters from my indoor (plat OG Kush)moms for my first shot in my greenhouse:) I am using 2 4' T5's at dark for now. Should be a learning exp :P
  20. urbanfog

    Nute Pack Mega Sale

    another order placed :)
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