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  1. genepool

    SledgeHammer Bubba

    Yuuuuup u killed it with that Sledgehammer Bubba!
  2. genepool

    Organic P Dawg, Nigerian T Haze, Pineapple Hashplant, Secret Recipe, and Star Berry Indica

    Hi OYY, damn that is some list u have flowering! All the best with them especially red headed strangers and that p dawg.
  3. genepool


    Hey soserthc1 plants r lookin great there is gonna be some sweet foul funk come flower time, I can't imagine how stinky it's gonna get in there with that uk cheese cut ur so lucky. If u do go with coco u can u should use orgnic teas, seems to eradicate flys their larva and other pests from...
  4. genepool

    natural concentrate?

    I guess this explains the mystery of buds dripping thc?
  5. genepool

    Meds testing in RI now!!!

    cool I'm glad to hear that something is happening, I was waiting to hear about that! tanks for the heds up
  6. genepool

    Meds testing in RI now!!!

    I agree with Texas Kid this is a scam IMHO.. Before u couldn't even mention weed in these places and now u can bring in samples... Sounds like a way to cash in on people who don't no any better. I admit it's good to see some kind of movement in a stagnant med scene but this isn't helping any1...
  7. genepool

    The lab of jaws!!

    haha it's posible but no worries, excuse my forwardness. No not the cut, I got the bubba hybrids I want so I figure u'd like to restore ur line is all. I know what it's like to loose beans and only have the cut around.. Not cool, so figured I'd make it right, cheers.
  8. genepool

    Alien Rock Candy in the 619

    excellent gro from the start 619ster. I can't wait to get fully caught up in here great work friend this strain is tops on my list I hope u enjoy.
  9. genepool

    The lab of jaws!!

    Hey, I don't plan to run the decap so if u need let me know. No strings ofcourse, figured u'd have hit me up bout that long ago. Hope all's well, peace. -G
  10. genepool

    Moonwalker and Tahoe Alien F2

    Hell yea bro I've got very high hope for the moonwalkers and I loving ur pics top notch work can't thank u enuff for growing them out here, respect!
  11. genepool

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    I like ur style Mark u r unique my kind of human. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy ur posts I'll have to read threw this thread soon and get caught up. Gald to hear u got a deal on that new ride sounds like a nice pickup perfect for ur needs. I'll be saving my coin waiting for ur drop here...
  12. genepool

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    great thread MakinGoo, I don't know much about GSC but I got my eyes open to see what becomes of her.
  13. genepool

    lets talk

    Wow TK that's what's up this post really made me stop and think, I rember drooling and dreaming about their Ice and K2 pics, they looked insane! I did get to grow some Ice Cream my 1st indoor grow and she did not let me down at all very nice herbs from what I recall. Still find myself wodering...
  14. genepool

    Noob from the repressed states of america

    hey GanjaGreenThumb, I've noticed a few ppl have had issues with over fed plants in super soil just something to keep in mind and in eye out for incase u have any issues early on. I'll let those who have experience with the ballasts and co2 questions u mentioned addres ur questions. But for...
  15. genepool

    starfighter and galactic tahoe . . dig it or be dug for!

    wow this thread is epic I've been laughin my ass off, hats of to u bigcheese hope the plants are treating u right bro player.
  16. genepool

    Alien Genetics - Grow Log from Seed - Pure Coco, CO2

    holly cow u must be grining from ear to ear, u r making them look proper nMeeks !
  17. genepool

    Adventures with Bodhi seeds!

    great thread growers I'm digging the plant names also nice to see so many ppl rocking this cross. u killed it with the Super Silver Yo momma what did u think of the ladies u found she's looking hefty haha
  18. genepool

    Meeks' 2013 Dapper Grow Log

    Sick set up nMEEKs I'm subscribed!
  19. genepool

    Chem D Bx3 and Sour Sister

    great job digger the plants r looken dope
  20. genepool

    Snow Leopard, Goji OG and many more from bodhi genetics (catdaddy's way)

    Damn Catdaddy this thread is dope! When I come in here I start dancing to catdaddy and with all the dope pics it's like a party in here! :D
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