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    new ommp needs grower

    If anyone is interested still. I have two openings for patients. I am more than happy to meet up with any cardholder and discuss any questions that you might have. Feel free to pm me. As of right now, this is the deal that I have worked out with my current patients. The patient will recieve...
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    White Urkle day 62 flower!

    well said... :yes
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    whats your favorite og raskel strain?

    I have ran the white bubba and that shit so far is my fav(since it is the only 1 that i have ran) I got firebubbas and white urkles up next round. mmmmmm..... cant wait.
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    Todays Fun Project: Hash 101

    Hash: 102 make honey oil, budder, BHO yeah man i just made bunch of oil from like 6 different plants, gives a really good all around buzz got around 15g from 4zips i think thats pretty good. gotta love them concentrates.
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    Grower to Caregiver transactions ~and~ "the gray area"

    I have to disagree with you on that one man, bad growers killed good ganja. If every tom dick and harry knew what they were doin they wouldn't have mids. The medical scene gave birth to the underground breeders, who i believe have been 'killin it' since 96' by producing these amazing hy-breds...
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    Grower to Caregiver transactions ~and~ "the gray area"

    my opinions have recently changed about the quality, dont get me wrong there is still plenty of "mids" in this town, but its all about who you know and what you know. the thing that i love about oregon is that there are a lot of peeps growing many different kinds. Cali is all about the kushes...
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    What Are you Growing This Year 2011?

    oh shit what i got goin, representing the farm all the way. I got Cali Connections Chem Valley Kush, OG Rascals Purple Urkle x The White, OG Kush(Fire Cut) x Pre98 Bubba Kush, Chimeras Grapefuit x Blueberry. What Im poppin next is Connisuer Gens OG Lemon Larry x Chem D, Casey Jones x Chem D...
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    What are you smoking right now fellow patients?

    Casey Jones, Headband, Berry Whites Dream(Berry White x Blue Dream), White Royal Kush(Berry White x Royal Kush), damn i like variety.
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    Not a lot of Oregonians talking here!

    Well said nangonug
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    How do i get my OMMP card once ive moved to Oregon??

    Oh yeas the orygun a place where you can grow herb legaly if you jump thru their hoops. a place where nobody is the same and there are hippsters to make fun of. I love orygun, it depends what your looking for, there is something here for everyone.From the same bums asking for a quarter, or the...
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    Bigdawgkush's kksc x X18 Grow ~OGR GEAR

    I got some of these in the vault. Im subbed. Can't wait to see how these babies look finished. it's kyle kushmans strawberry Cough (kksc) x x18(pure Pakistani) I belive im not to sure about flower times though.
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    Competition 2 - Name that strain

    mmmmmm....... Casey Jones x ECSD = Sour Jones or Jonesy H.A OG Kush x ECSD = Hells Diesel or Angels O'Diesel or Sour Angels Snowdawg x ECSD = Sour Snow or Snow Plow Chem Sis x ECSD = Sour Bitch Chem #4 x ECSD = State of the Union Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD = Sour Espresso UK Cheese x...
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    Have a question Coco-naut? Ask the Cocommunity!

    Snow Crash - Thanks man, I really appreciate the quick response man. Like i said I am new to the coco, and I really appreciate the advice, I will take every little bit with confidence. Trichfan - thanks man, I will mos def look into that. +rep for the great advice guys
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    Have a question Coco-naut? Ask the Cocommunity!

    I am thinking about using coco on my next run. does it have to be a dtw(30% runoff?) or can i hand water? I have a grow tent, but limited height(6'4" tall) and don't think that I could fit a table in there, or i would have to build a very very short table to be able to fit. any suggestions?
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    Expert Growers, I need advice.

    hey thanks vonwolfen, I appreciate the reply. yeah I am hand watering right now anyway, so, really not that much more work. Yeah, I was leaning toward doing the coco in smart pots. I could still setup a drip system so that I am not taking my plants in/out of the tent a lot. Is there anything...
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    Expert Growers, I need advice.

    yeah yeah for sure. Im really kinda new to the hydro/soilless mixes. and I really don't have the height for a huge table and my tent is far from the biggest. im so undesicive. I want to be able to maximize production for the space available.
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    Expert Growers, I need advice.

    ok, ok. here is my dilehma. I have a 6'4" cube of a grow tent. I am currently running 12 plants in soil atm w/ 2k watts. I want to do a hydro or coco run my next round. but undecided what kinda system im going to custom build. some reminders that I have very limited height space to work with...
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    CBF Genetics

    this is all very good info, i purchased some of his Strawberry x Grapefruit awhile back, kinda of an impulse buy. I havent really found to much info on it. but after reading this thread, im kinda excited to get em popin. always good to know a lil bit about the breeder whos gear your runnin...
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    new ommp needs grower

    how legit, are these websites?
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    Grower to Caregiver transactions ~and~ "the gray area"

    I was just placed as a ommp grower last week. I have read the law, I just missed this paragraph " SECTION 5. (1) No person authorized to possess, deliver or produce marijuana for medical use pursuant to sections 1 to 19 of this Act shall be excepted from the criminal laws of this state or...
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