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  1. Thejdubbs

    Bent 6 day old seedling stem

    Just carefully stake and tie it up like you were going to do. She should make a full recovery, doesn’t look too bad and they’re pretty resilient in that aspect.
  2. Thejdubbs


    Sup G10! Hope you like it on the farm! Always nice to have more knowledge and experience around and nice that we all have at least one thing in common. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got going on when you feel like posting.
  3. Thejdubbs

    How do cheese strains do outdoors?

    Some of the best bud I’ve smoked was some outdoor cheese my brother grew around 08-09, grown in a mountain region in so-cal. Had almost a blue tint to it and a very distinct coffee smell and very gassy flavor. Plant yield was pretty hefty as well so we smoked on it for a while.
  4. Thejdubbs

    Is a 4in 195cfm fan to much for a 2x3x5 tent?

    And have tried putting the humidifier in the tent as well? I know that gets a little tricky but I think an inkbird would be cheaper than buying a new fan.
  5. Thejdubbs

    Is a 4in 195cfm fan to much for a 2x3x5 tent?

    have you thought about trying to control the humidity of the air you’re bringing in to the tent? Maybe just bringing the humidity up in the room the tent is might help.
  6. Thejdubbs

    Bell's Perpetual Happy Hell - Doom, Hedonism and Herbal Wellness

    For sure dude I’ve been lurking decided to chime in ha. That’s how I feel would love to find that bud that I remember so well still. They just don’t make em like they used to right? Even something close would be nice, shops slap that name on buds that don’t even compare. Hope you find the one...
  7. Thejdubbs

    Bell's Perpetual Happy Hell - Doom, Hedonism and Herbal Wellness

    Man who doesn’t love a good Sour D! I had a buddy back in the mid 00’s who grew a great sour S, one of my favorites to this day. I’m seeing similarities with yours, makes me drool just thinking about it. The rest looks great as well you’ve got a nice little nursery going on.
  8. Thejdubbs

    First Grow(ever) in Soil Medium

    Yeah seems like the ladies are loving the light that’s what really matters. From what I understand most LEDs are nice as long as they have good diodes and drivers. I’ll be around to see the final product looking forward to it!
  9. Thejdubbs

    For Sale Meraki Genetics Seedbank

    Right, everything from Dragonsflame looks 🤤🔥
  10. Thejdubbs

    First Grow(ever) in Soil Medium

    Right on, from the looks things are working for you so far. I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. Gotta have a few strains to mix it up a little and see how plants react differently. What kind of light do you have running?
  11. Thejdubbs

    First Grow(ever) in Soil Medium

    Looks nice so far! 👌 how far into flower are you? What strain(s) are you running? Let’s see this one take off 🤙
  12. Thejdubbs

    Trips and giggles !o∆o!

  13. Thejdubbs

    Leaves yellowing with marks please help

    Hey OROG, If you are able to, answer these questions to the best you can. will be helpful for those trying to help you and save some back and forth questions. I know you’ve already answered a few. soil growers: 1. Are you growing from seed or clones? 2. How old are your plants? 3. How tall...
  14. Thejdubbs

    Another First Time Grower

    Just about time to finish up this thread and start the next, this one is a bit old and I’m ready to post again. Chopped those plants above 4/4/21 they went about 83 days Hung dry for six days, brown paper bag for one more day. Stems were dry to the snap. jarred and burping daily for now. Nugs...
  15. Thejdubbs

    Flower Tent #1 Under HLG-350R

    Week two and already packing on the sugar nice! I just got a hlg 300l can’t wait to see what it does. How are you liking the 350? Also silly question but with the scrog up do you just use a wand or sprayer to water?
  16. Thejdubbs

    Drooping Points and V shaped Leaves

    Soil looks a bit saturated, are you letting them dry out adequately between watering? First thing that comes to mind but I’m far from an expert. As for the plant topping itself, a bit out of my realm, maybe someone else can chime in for the questions.
  17. Thejdubbs

    Flower Tent #1 Under HLG-350R

    Looking proper!
  18. Thejdubbs

    Pistil positive creation saucy balls

    mind if I ask what you do to raise the rh? Just a humidifier or different method? Would you raise rh in flower if it was 25-30% if so how would you go about doing so?
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