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  1. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Kirkwood OG day 58
  2. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Lemon Alien Dawg day 56
  3. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Sour Pebbles day 58
  4. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Candy Bubba #5 is hella stout. This girl is gonna be super fire! Funk Labs is knocking out them hitters right now. Gonna need some more testers in the near future.
  5. RIVAL79


    Hope all is well on the Islands, bro! @SurfdOut
  6. RIVAL79

    Best Og Kush From Seed

    I been searching thru some Kirkwood OG beans from the first Archive drop. I seen the flowers from the F-Cut mom The Docta used in this cross. It was a beautiful specimen of what Real OG should smell and look like. Wish I got a chance to smoke some wit him. I have a really nice pheno about to go...
  7. RIVAL79

    A New Level of Confidence

    That Glue is looking extra sticky, bro! Keep on killing it.
  8. RIVAL79

    Rival79's fw#6 x hb bx1 testers!

    They were really nice plants but I was dealing wit heat and mites at the time. They fell victim to the game. LOL. Pop them beans, bro.
  9. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    White Fire OG #1 aka Fire OG x The White from OG Raskal Genetics!
  10. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Kirkwood OG #8 aka F-Cut OG x Face OG Bx1 from The Docta and Archive Seed Bank!
  11. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Alien Apricots aka Apricot Helix x Alien Dawg from Obs and Franchise Genetics!
  12. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Candy Bubba aka White Bubba x Alien Rock Candy F1 from Funk Labs Seeds.
  13. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Funk Labs 3.0 is up and running! 3000w of Funk for y'all to drool over. This room is gonna be filled with Sour Pebbles, Lemon Alien Dawg, Candy Bubba, White Fire, Alien Apricots and Kirkwood OG. Mmmmmmm! This next round should be full of tasty nugs.
  14. RIVAL79

    TK Killer

    These ladies look very frosty, Goo! Glad I stopped by the Farm today. Nice pics as usual, bro. I need to get these beans goin still. Waiting till I build a new room for those. Thanx for the inspiration tho!
  15. RIVAL79

    What we've been up to.

    Killing it as always! Keep doin ur thing, bro. Love seeing them chunky ass pics.
  16. RIVAL79

    Organicyumyum's House of Yum

    Looking super dank, Yum!
  17. RIVAL79

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Hope all is well around the Farm! Life has kept me busy lately. Miss all the homies tho. I will be back with a vengeance in no time! Keep ur eyes open and lungs full of dank smoke.
  18. RIVAL79

    AliGee's Cookies'

    She looks amazing, G. Great work as usual. I can't wait to run these beans soon. Holla atcha boy!
  19. RIVAL79

    Rivals Sour Peb's X Sour Bubble

    Holy shit, Ken! Great work, bro. I can't wait to run thru these beans and make the Sour Pebbles Bx. Lots of work to do still. Please post up some dry shots, when u get a chance.
  20. RIVAL79

    Karma's White OG V2.0 tested by Rival79

    I actually lost this cut again. Gonna pop the last of my White OG v2.0 and some other Karma gear soon. Get to popping all them seeds u got, bro! That would be an epic pheno hunt.
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