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    6x 1000 watt blockhead and fn incredible, perpetual grow!

    very nice
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    Heavy Duty Fruity

    Wow i was gona start this next...maybe ill try somethin different
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    tips and tricks for removing resin from fingers

    rubber gloves in the freezer........great idea
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    clones or seeds

    i like both
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    Hello Everyone!

    howdy farmer
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    Hi farmers... see you around

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    tap water ppm question

    mines at 500....i use gallons jugs now from the store
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    Batman Skunk joins the farm

    the return of the dark knight
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    Favorite food while high/stoned?

    lets not talk about pretzel klondikes..i ate have the box the first time in one day......fat ass
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    So you want to know how good Chimera genetics are?

    just popped my floss today...hoping for the same outcome....urs look amazing
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    whats in your freezer

    jesus im jelous...i only have like ten strains
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    order from the bay...logic is the man
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    Top 5 Albums of the 90's

    i have to go with the best progressive rockers Queensryche....Promised land
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    Pablo Escobar

    i think there a movie staring bale that is about his death
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    Yields per plant?

    i get 4 to 5 oz per plant running 1000watt
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    What seeds do you want at the farm?

    grapefruit and blueberry.......and mental floss please
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    NFL Pre Season Smack Talk Thread

    go chiefs....did i just say that
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    Bubba Kush pics

    thanks for the info
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    Bubba Kush pics

    northcal hal if you dont mine can i ask what kind of electric bill do you get with 4 running two and thinking of stepping up..thanks
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    Yikes - wtf is this?

    i had this on my second grow and switching from tap water to spring cleared it right up
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