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    How do i wire a 3 prong timer box to a 4 prong 240 outlet???

    Thank you for the reply . That's a great idea to just wire into the exiting 10.3 already running to the outlet ,I'll just uninstaul the outlet and splice in my 10.3 running from my timer board , should already have plenty of length so I should be fine . Once again thanks for pointing that out !
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    How do i wire a 3 prong timer box to a 4 prong 240 outlet???

    I know this thread is 5 years old but I have already wasted a haft day of reading and still can't figer this out ..I have my timer box that has the 4 prong cord which I cut and want to hook up to my 3 prong male adapter .I get just capping off the natural but my timer box has 4x 120v outlets as...
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    Purple Chem

    kool man ,bring us the goods~
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    Winta's Chem family!!! Elites,crosses and mo!

    i,ll be coming for the jorny! ~real lies realize real eyes~
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    Ninja Grow 600 wt

    dude you should make a didgeridoo out of them huge stocks you got !
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    pet shampoo for pest control !

    turns out that fle pet shampoo has the same ingrediant as insect spray for plants
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    pet shampoo for pest control !

    i found a rosemary shampoo ,and am testing one plant ,see what happens
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    pet shampoo for pest control !

    what are your guys thoughts on using pet shampoo for pest control ? anyone used it before ?
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    Dr GreenThumb's Oh!Zone (fem) Test Grow ~SMF~

    theres a champ right there,i no one when i see one !
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    Another try...

    garden of goodness, great job bro-ski !
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    vertical and horizontal lamps

    well , the lamp is in my horizontal hood ,there,s been no nuclear explotions ,no live,s lost ,and the sun came up today ill leave it be .....vertical ,horizontal its all probly a marketing scam ! thanks for the reply fella,s ~peace~
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    Big Bubba Diesel Smoke Report

    i like that first pic ,the orange stands out nice , and im sure its as good as it looks ! ~peace~
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    vertical and horizontal lamps

    hello today there was a power outage were i live and unfortunaly i lost my 400 w lamp with the intense surge ,but luckly i got a 600w that wasent being used ,,so to cut to the chase can a lamp run both verticaly and horizontly because i only have a horizontal hood but i no the lamp was...
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    Broke but still growing!!

    good move with the guns !
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    Turbo's 3000w sealed flower room.

    nice grow ! im looking for ward to following your progress ! peace~
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    Hydro Permafrost T5 HO lights

    looks like she,s going to be interesting ,im along for the ride! peace
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    ph test input please

    nice! hey seamaiden ! good point ,im going to look into this little deeper thanks peace
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    ph of run off got me confused ,help please

    one of my strains hear caught my eye it seems to be starting to lock out nuts ,so what i did is ran a bunch of ph run off tests on the different strains and the different readings are confusing me~ ~note the medium is a homemade peat moss and perlite mix witch of course is acidic ,first off i...
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    ph test input please

    the water i use is well water and has some ever greens around it witch makes the water a little acidic with a ph of 5.2 to 5.3, when i add the nut it drops the ph a little lower so i use ph up to bring the solution to 6.4 ,6.5 ~
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    ph test input please

    hey whats up people ? im a little new to growing in soil less mixes and i got a ???? hear ! im growing in a homemade peat moss and perlite mix and since the peat is fairly acidic i have my solution at 6.5 so i just collected the run off solution and it tested at 5.2 ,5.3 so im sure i should...
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