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  1. Goblinkiller

    L.E.D. Argument Thread For Dummies:)

    Very nice. You got a nice size room and setup. And your power box must be decent. Looks like you have easy access and room to move.
  2. Goblinkiller

    Hey farmers

    Also be very specific. F.ex. i got too short cords to have the drivers outside of tent. That combined with a inline fan that could not manage the new workload made for shockingly high temps. (34degrees celsius f.ex. with zippers close) when I reached out to them (meijiu) they Said they cant do...
  3. Goblinkiller

    Hey Now

    Late welcome, better late than never. Hello mike:)
  4. Goblinkiller

    Hey farmers

    Cheap shit becomes expensive shit when the cheap shit set yo house on fire yo
  5. Goblinkiller

    Hey farmers

    Well i am a novice. Started with 240w, went to 480w and now its 720w in a 4x4. I will say they are as advertised. They are fine for me. They have good quality chips and drivers, you can go for cree chips too if you like. I think those two offer solid lights. I am running quantum boards. 3x 240w...
  6. Goblinkiller

    Hey farmers

    That question is a good indicator of the seriousness of the company i think. I went with meijiu and kingbrite. Both chinese led companies. This time could be the time of the dwarfs. I mean short people(vertically inclined/challenged) if I was american and it was politically accepted i could...
  7. Goblinkiller

    Hey farmers

    Ask if they can provide report from an independent lab. Welcome fellow, your room looks very nice. Is it very time consuming?
  8. Goblinkiller

    Is there a best strain for patients with cancer?

    I cant recall the strains that I read about earlier now but I can remember the organic grown marihuana is the go to in those cases
  9. Goblinkiller

    For Sale Offering my precious vault seed+sin city box

    I remember i tried that headband in Amsterdam. It was the only strain i encountered there and in a long time that made me uneasy high. Actually had to put out my joint and take it easy. That does not happen with other strains. Good luck on selling them, looks like a fine selection
  10. Goblinkiller

    Anyone willing to help me help people

    Hello, welcome to the farm. What the poster above Said.
  11. Goblinkiller

    A DIY LED Grow Light dude from Australia

    What kelvin is it ? How many watts?
  12. Goblinkiller

    Giveaway-Spider Farmer SE5000 Look for Tester

    #spiderfarmerSE5000 I throw the dices
  13. Goblinkiller

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    The poster above you thomas
  14. Goblinkiller

    Wanted Can you help me?

    Hmm, you cant tell what sex the seeds are. You can see how viable they are. The white ones have less chance of germinating than the Brown ones :) Sex will show itself as the plant mature
  15. Goblinkiller

    Welcome our new moderator One Drop

    A humble guy who fits the takk. 'Gratz od :)
  16. Goblinkiller

    Welcome our new moderator Dirtbag

    Good luck with other projects. I have enjoyed alot of your posts
  17. Goblinkiller

    German’s grow spot

    Did they veg for the same amount of time?
  18. Goblinkiller

    A DIY LED Grow Light dude from Australia

    Lookin good man. Welcome:)
  19. Goblinkiller

    My tent is too hot (93*F)

    Hey man, I too had excessive heat problems. But that was in a 4x4 with 720w meijiu. Which had too short cables to relocate drivers outside the tent. The fan was a rvk sileo 125mm but it does not manage that heat. Have been looking for cables. Been in contact with meijiu about it. They told me...
  20. Goblinkiller

    How much is too much heat in a grow tent.

    Beautiful plants man.
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