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    Looking for coco feeding schedule suggestions...

    gotcha... Coco is rinsed many times before it is baled and packaged for sale. It sits out in the sun to dry, leaving it exposed to many micro-insects that lay eggs in the moist coco. The insect eggs lay dormant until we, the grower starts to water it back the life. EarthJuice coco,Hydrofarms...
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    Looking for coco feeding schedule suggestions...

    Gnatrol and Great white are bacteria/fungi inoculants,reactivated with water. Both can be applied once a week. Since coco stays moist, the gnats will like to nest in the mix and the larve wreck havoc on roots. Sometimes I think coco has some bug eggs already in it. So letting it "brew" with...
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    New vertical sog flood & drain system!!!

    only the design somewhat...i see trouble in the other growers setup, the saucers on top of wood boards , kinda limits his watering . Hassles with wastewater. yours is nice, pvc stand?( time will tell) Are you going to leave the carpet in the grow area? call me old school, but...
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    Looking for coco feeding schedule suggestions...

    that will keep ya busy ... sounds like a recipe for some tasty nugs! Is alaska TF the same as Matanuska TF? i had a Matanuska TF awhile back ...the berry flavor was sweeet. you dont have to add Great white that often to coco, you can also inoculate the coco with the great white before...
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    Tga crosses?

    nice choice for males.. Agent Orange imo makes kingkongkolas The quest for the flavor :character0053:
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    Tga crosses?

    i have some seeds of Jtr x UltraKush Agent orange x UK JTR X TRC's Blueberry AgentOrange xChitrali kush done by me, i sprouted 3 from each batch , and they are lil guys now. im getting some males of Apollo bx3, Qleaner. that rotten fruity smell is killer...Sub's stuff is a nice...
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    Whatcha think of this new coco ?

    What!!, this stuff comes preloaded with mites? no joke? I never noticed that with Empire's coco. I tried his pith, its good too..But this mix reminds me of Empire's mix, which I freaking loved, but hated the seedlings of whatever grass from sri lanka popping up in my pots, and all the...
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    The stink could kill them all.

    this is classic scripture..
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    Should I concern myself with this curl?

    my room employs strong negative pressure( i have to use 2 hands to close the entrance door) with fresh air coming in at 50deg or below. 3 x 1000w air cooled silverstars with CanFan 8 inch sucking thru Can150 2x Can100 canister with another (2x)8"canfan in the middle of the room as scrubbers...
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    Should I concern myself with this curl?

    this is a relatively new plant for me , Its getting better. Im noticing this odd curling on my fan leaves..At first I thought Phosphorus def. I have no clue .Stumped the plants are 35-40days into flowering , 10-11weeks finish time HG aqua flakes drip clean,Bud Blaster,Multizen 74deg...
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    1st hydro canna coco grow

    nice setup Rose, Do you prefer top drip over flood-n-drain? I ask cause thats a packed tray, it seems like it'd be easier to flood than drip on the setup. leadsled --- digging that cal/mag soak tip
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    Help diagnose & treat this problem.

    house and garden is great stuff, but I think the bottle you are using may be spoiled. The organic one parts have a shorter shelf life after its opened. The plant looks like it just needs some good ole food. Purple stems,necrotic spots/margins, mini fan leaves.. Im thinking if you use some...
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    Whatcha think of this new coco ?

    check out this mix ...Low mineral content, and fluffy. Its not empire. Some lone ranger in Austin,Tx distributes this stuff from his village in India. I love the composition of this stuff. Whatcha think
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    House&Garden Coco - Some changes I'm considering

    right on , on the BUd ignitor. I was given some bottles by a rep, and I say that stuff makes plants stack up nicely. the AN big bud or Hammerhead or Kushie Kush are good ideas , imo HG multizen and Roots excell cant be beat for root health HG is an awesome line, but it could use some...
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    How to get tight dense nugs

    hi all, I gonna add my .02 to this I believe a steady suppply of CaMg.. and for the bloom a higher dose of K than P.. since the Pk13-14 ratio hit the scene, I think some researchers have noticed that K and Ca/Mg have more of an impact on flower density than P . My RH has bounced...
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    wiring question

    funk moving to california, I wanna live where you live :joint:
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    EastCoastMics Garden

    how is the BLockhead..? Ima fan of his music, good growroom jams
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    BlackGrape,JTR,SuperSkunk in coco coir

    12 days in , I think i may need to thin these out , this will be my second try at this Black Grape they are about 12-14 inches i think they could use more? lights out pic if anyone knows how high I can go with ppm, pls do tell im sitting at 1150ppm HG + 300ppm Kushiekush...
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    Help! just created an infestion pics!

    that my friends is a nymph chigger! or a just molted larve of chigger mite. Chiggers are mites.
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    BlackGrape,JTR,SuperSkunk in coco coir

    first week is almost done , and Cal/mg + lack of food issue taken care of. I had no clue these heirloom kushes needed so much food. Im sitting at 900ppm 5.9ph and I've increased the flood cycles from 2 to 4 during lights on. No overwatering problems and most important ..NO Gnats ..(yet)...
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