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    Hello Eveyone

    Yeah man! Your threads over at "the other place" we're great. Welcome
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    Back in action w/ a new Drop!

    Sooooo happy you're back Jimmy.
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    4x4 tray in 4x4 tent?

    Most 4x4's are usually more like 3'11"x3'11".
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    GH 3 part problems

    Veg longer
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    Nug run yields

    ^^^interesting, did not know that.
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    Happy B-day Loran!

    Happy Birthday Loran!
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    Smelly Industrial

    More details about your setup are needed please.
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    grow tent users help please

    Lots of good info given. Here is my take: If you are committed to using a 600w, get a 3x3. This will put you at 50w PSF. This is the minimum wattage needed psf to get good nug structure. At 4x4 you're only getting 37.5 watts PSF to the plants which sucks. Also I would shop around and buy the...
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    The ""Dialing OG's Strain in Soil"" Thread

    NOTHING is easier that soil done the right way. Soil+bottled nutes= hydro store mentality. Slausongardens had excellent success with ALL his OG's in soil mixes (I think he had every cut of OG except Legend). Peep his soil thread...
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    another read

    Great! I will sit down tonight to begin reading this. Thanks
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    Relists of Yeti F3, Yeti BX2 and Moondawg F2

    Aww man, just scored 2 packs of the bx2. Looks like I'm eating pb&j for the next 2 weeks :)
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    I'm back in action

    Welcome back. I used to love staring at the pics of your Original Diesel. Grown under LED I think?? Can't wait to see what you do in the future.
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    UCXL13 10 sites 2400 moving watts

    Bro, everything you have listed sounds great....all top of the line stuff from the hydro store....... Except your set up is SEVERLY under lit. Why spend all this dough just to cheap out on lights?? Based on the info you gave, I calculAte around 25 watts PSF. At that wattage your almost better...
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    don't be a troll..

    I wish he would pushed it a bit farther, but still pretty funny.
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    long live jimmy nitz

    These are my 3 Motor breaths and 2 PK-91's that have been living in my closet for around 4 months. They are living in hiding in my closet after my old spot got raided. I was able to get these clones out and to safety while I am getting a new spot up and running. They are vigorous as hell and...
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    Aptus USA Organizer hires a hitman!

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    dumbest grow ideas you ever had

    When I first started growing I used to water my plants with cinnamon tea. I thought the cinnamon would enhance the flavor. That was a long time ago. I used to mix my GH 3 part in it :)
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    4000w tent soil grow - you decide

    12-16. That's a good seed run. Just do 1k, no need to do a full 4K run. That requires alot of veg space to hold mons while you're doing your selections.
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    4000w tent soil grow - you decide

    I think 10 gals @ 4 per light is a good. And I think you're on the right track with your veg plan. However with around an 8 week veg I would do: Dixie cup To 1 gal To 3 gal To 5 gal To 10 gal 5-10 days before flower. Obviously your situation will vary, but thats kinda the general guideline...
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    4000w tent soil grow - you decide

    Ahh okay....that makes more sense. The only prob I see is leaving plants in 2 gals for six weeks. With soil, transplanting is key. You want to up-pot every couple of weeks. Think of it like this- as you grew in life your foot got bigger and somebody made sure to always get you shoes that...
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