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    Hollow Branches!! Please Look, Comment!!

    That was an interesting read.I find hollowed stems in all of my grows,even bagseed from back in the day. I never knew that it made a difference. I only started to pay attention more recently to this subject due to the fact that ive topped my plants and always find a hollowed inside of the...
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    Harvest time? Morning Afternoon or evening?

    In the words of the late great Ray Charles, Night Time Is The Right Time.
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    drying males in a room next to females(please read)

    definitely a fertilized plant.
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    when is the best time to water?

    I water every 2 days i hour before lights go out, works fine or me.
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    Chem Sis and Double Underdawg - Check this shit out!

    that's a first for me also.
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    WARLOCK Smoke Report

    looking good
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    looking for the bezt!!!

    I agree,cali connection is the bomb, checkout soma's og x g13. some pheno's purple up toward the end of flowering.
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    25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

    Such good information.
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    Which Organic Nutrients Do you Like!?!?

    I use age old organics bloom, earth juice catalyst and vermi-t compost tea
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    some finished alien og

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