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  1. Icky420

    Icky's Funhouse; My Projects & Grows

    This is one of my current grows.
  2. Icky420

    Icky's Funhouse; My Projects & Grows

    Seedlings & Clones: I use a 3ft x 3 ft tent and a HLG 100 V2 in 4000k. I also have a smaller 2 ft x 2 ft propagation area for when I need to take a higher clone count. Vegetative: 2 ft x 4 ft grow tent and a 4 ft x 4 ft grow tent. I this stage I run 2 tents for veg. My 2x4 is a true veg tent...
  3. Icky420

    Icky's Funhouse; My Projects & Grows

    Since this is my first journal, I'll upload all the information pertaining to my grows. The lights used in each area, medium & nutrients used and so on. I have been growing some time now and have lots of different strains going and various side projects as well. Thanks for stopping in, I...
  4. Icky420

    Dragons Flame Genetics 2020 and beyond...

    Dragon's Stash
  5. Icky420

    New to the Forum

    What's up everyone. I am a long time grower with alot of time on my hands. I have recently started reading and learning alot about breeding cannabis. I have access to a few grow areas and want a place that I can start logging my grows and anything associated with it. Also uploading pics and...
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