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    Motorbreath #6 Scrog and Super Scrog,lets see what happens.

    Yeh some nice and interesting things going on in this thread. Cant wait to see the end results.
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    My White Fire Resin Bomb Pheno

    Very nice....
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    Stardog featuring Top Dawg

    I must say it sure does get ya pumped up.
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    Just a few White Dawgs....

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    Name that strain! Win free seeds

    Cheese x Bubba Kush Roquefort Cheese Tart Cenizo Kush Cabrales Afghan Kush x Bubba Kush Cashmere Kush Ashvaka Kush Ancient Bubba Afbubbagan Chemdawg 4 x Bubba Kush Lucky Charms Shamrock Kush Leprachaun Snowdawg x Bubba Kush Berfu Kush Eskimo Kush...
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    Chem "91" skunk va cut!!

    Very nice ......
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    Slow Down Casey Jones 4 x 600W 12 site DWC

    Nice work maybe Ill give this DWC a try one day
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    Proppin Floppy's!

    Very nice PUS plan on making any crosses with those cuts.......
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    Where's The Funk?

    No doubt its plenty Dank on the bay. Just hoping someone can recommend that death, ranched, burnt tire, body odor type smell. The searching I have been doing lately seems the Road Kill Skunk smell seems to be MIA. With so much being offered on the bay. I'm trying to narrow my selection down.
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    Where's The Funk?

    Whats up fellas? Looking for something funky, stinky and non fruity in seed form? Can anyone steer me in the right direction to obtain this quest? Thanks in advance.
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    APE's Swinging from the Trees (Vertical of Course!)

    Looking forward to the end of this grow and the results.
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    SourChem Sister Grow

    Nice work is the smell stronger between the different pheno's.
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    Mosca C99 BX...

    Yeah man very nice fo sho. That Cindy is better than coffee or that 5 hour energy drink first thing in the morn.
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    6k WHITE FIRE, and CHEM4 showdown!!!!!

    Nice work fo sho.....
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    Sour Aliens

    Nice description on the grow bro. Very helpful for me. Keep it growing
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    Sonic Fly?

    That right there sounds good..... wanna give that Sonic Fly and Xochi a try.
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    What's up? from the dirty dirty....

    What dey do? All way good to see a grower from the dirty dirty.
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    Tahoe OG

    cool only time will tell...... good karma bro
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    Tahoe OG

    Has this been corrected with the packs listed the last few weeks? The auto problem......
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    Tahoe OG

    Were any of the two tall and lanky, in the top right of the picture females?
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