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    best way to approach this cal mag deficiency

    Tripling your ppm's is definately not the answer. Coco/coir in general "draws" calcium and magnesium hence your deficencies. You need to up the calcium your feeding the plants and magnesium wont hurt either I suggest cal-mag+. Besides the regular soil drench you are going to need to foliar feed...
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    UC 13XXL...and we're off to the races!!

    THe room looks clean, been waiting to see you run the system again. Your last thread was motivating good work kid.
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    3rd Week Flowering... what def is this?

    Even though the yellowing is normal, I would foliar feed those babies for the next three weeks. Foliar feeding in the first three weeks of bloom will take care of that yellow and ensure your girls are getting what and all they need. I have found that foliar feeding with sea weed will also help...
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    Goldfish in Our Reservoirs,,,,,

    Whats the point of the experiment?
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    Motta-Tokka's 2nd RDWC Run, 1200 Watts, Sealed Growtent

    Is the 1/13 hp chiller doing the job. Would it still work as well if you didnt have an ac.
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    Motta-Tokka's 2nd RDWC Run, 1200 Watts, Sealed Growtent

    Hey tokka thats a sharp setup, Im lookin forward to seeing how it goes down.
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    Name that defeciency?

    I dont think thats blight
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    Name that defeciency?

    A quick fix would be foliar feeding with some sort of sea kelp, or better yet kelp and a good fish based product like Alaskan Morbloom or Biobizz has some amazing hydrolized fish and molasses product called Fish Mix.
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    Name that defeciency?

    I hardly post but im no rookie looks like the latter stages of manganese deficiency.
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    Advice on PH meters

    i second that i went through two of the hanna testers as well. Go with the oakton eco tester
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    TEST GROW 126w LED Urkle x White SCROG

    i like the scrog job nice!
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    Using biobizz

    Yeah foolsgold great stuff. I run the whole line as well, I was over joyed with the root juice and top max results until i figured out they are both the exact same thing only difference is the amount of humic acid. They both still work very well but now i just buy the root juice because it has...
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    Using biobizz

    I have recently discovered the wonders of bibobizz, its gotta be one of the best vegan nutrient sources out right now. I would suggest supplementing the biobizz line with some sort of guano i personnally would go with seabird and earthworm. But whatever you can get. Have you been foliar feeding...
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    Marijuana E-books Collection! Free Download.

    Thanks TCM always enjoy good free information.
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    Side Show Bingi's Krusty Extravaganza

    bingiman- NICE I love seeing these big clean rooms. Very motivational to say the least!
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    DIY ICE BOX "summer solutions"

    Thanks MAL i appreciate it.
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    DIY ICE BOX "summer solutions"

    Yeah froggy ill get one up in the morn. RMCG I hear ya on the titanium, but it is definately more expensive. I was also trying to source some hydrophilic treated aluminun to make fins on the outside of the unit to farther the exchanging capacity. But its not too bad as is
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    DIY ICE BOX "summer solutions"

    I have my 1/10hp set to 67
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    DIY ICE BOX "summer solutions"

    For those of us not able to run freon style ac's in our gardens this is a very good way to stay cool this summer but hardly use any power. With two of the units i showed you{one per hood} you can not only eliminate the heat but also "air condition" a smaller space as well for only 300 watts. I...
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    DIY ICE BOX "summer solutions"

    Ecoplus inline the 465 cfm i think it is but i have it on a controller so i can turn it down half way, I only need about 200-225 cfm for the evaporative process to work correctly. Im also using a 365 gph submersible pump to recirculate the water through the coils and then through the chiller.
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