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  1. Hopefull Stoner

    POTM Finalists Voting - May 2021

    my vote is in but i sure would love to smoke/grow that sour diesel. or karma's headbanger from what i hear lol = which i might get one day
  2. Hopefull Stoner

    Bud Goodman's Perpetual Thread of Perpetually Good Buds, Man.

    is that strain in seed form u can buy. what type of stone does it provide? i might have some olf hindu kush in the vault but could be just wishful thinking. i do plan to get a hindu kush bx once i find it.
  3. Hopefull Stoner

    For Sale Dookie Farms clone onlys - GMO, Wedding Cake and more

    dude u just describe my basic needs = knock me out and good grow qualities. please tell me you will do S1's of her and expected ETA if that is in your plans. thx.
  4. Hopefull Stoner

    For Sale Dookie Farms clone onlys - GMO, Wedding Cake and more

    WHAT exactly is that ? never heard of that and do u know what the effects are like ? i hunt effects 1st. and flavor 2/3. fuck the smell lol.
  5. Hopefull Stoner

    Back to berries boost and citrus

    dang dude i'm a blueberry fan too. are u going to share the yum yum genetics to preserve them ? yes, boost is in the vault and i was surprised about your comment compared to forbidden fruit. i've yet to sample that but do have a FFbx in the vault. my flavor chaMPINE is the DJS PRE2K BB outkastt...
  6. Hopefull Stoner

    Is there anything else I need to run with Megacrop nutes?

    wow the megacrop education problem. used v1 and seemed ok, but also used some other ferts that i shouldn't have imho. i thought the v2 was supposed to be the answer... apparently that's not the case. I SO LIKE TO STICK TO A 1 PART NUTE AT LEAST IN VEG, but MG was coo for the whole run. wish i...
  7. Hopefull Stoner

    What is the best PH meter?

    so how do you verify the Ph and why is that not the way you check it initially ?
  8. Hopefull Stoner

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    no. 1 pre2k blueberry = outkastt cut = grown and smoked taste, effect, growth on a level by itself. ; knocked her up with uranium cranium pollen from 2 males which may or may not be identical male clones. 2. chemo = smoked only but have 3 sets of seed. original chemo, chemo new version and chemo...
  9. Hopefull Stoner

    Spiderfarmer. Don’t argue the ability to produce 🔥

    i grabbed a 500w led budeget led. very close clone to the hlg 550 eco. from to go in a 4 x 4 forilla shorty and i'll buy the extra extension too. it wil replace the 600 watt hps digi old 2nd gen lumatec ni dimmer. but still plenty of service life and it will be used to get more buds finally...
  10. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    cute pugle lol. i'm the dog man mos def though i love all creatures. dr. doolittle when i was a kid rescued all sorts of shit into adulthood. i just want a guerilla spot so i can rescue some planted buds outside lol.
  11. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    that is actually cool as fuk. and my fave bs type cereal. i get like 2-3 boxes a year i think i only got one box last year. i been eating better and better cause i have too. smdh
  12. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    ur welcome to move next to me when the lady couple moves out or kick that old man out of his house would be better. i cool with his whole family and even his wife hugged me on the sly before lol. fuke take over and i'll smoke that fire u got frfr. i can't wait to tatse some good gelato and gmo...
  13. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    at first glance when i google agar i was like i'm not eating that shit frfr. then upon further investigation i eventually found these. edit timed out so couldn't put in in the reply. when the fuck did an edit timer...
  14. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    at first glance when i google agar i was like i'm not eating that shit frfr. then upon further investigation i eventually found this.
  15. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    ok, thx. now u have me thinking gummies frfr and never thought i would make them cause i don't prefer them myself. i'm more of a chocolate bar/baked goods type of dude. ironically i have gummy squares now i got, cause of how dude talked them up. so i got 10 @$5 ea. turns out his description of...
  16. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    wtf 600 for an oz of what exactly ?
  17. Hopefull Stoner


    can you show and explain ur system please. thx.
  18. Hopefull Stoner

    How are you folks venting your tents using these lights ? thx

    i caved and spent the stimulus loot on a new LED. I have a gorilla shorty and will buy the extra extension to make it full size next month. i was set to run a 600 hps with hood. shit is brand new, now. have this light. and want to know how u folks deal with venting in a 4ft. x 4ft tent. thx...
  19. Hopefull Stoner

    How to stabilise an ibl?

    did u think someone would simply lay out the green brick road for u to get to OZ LOL ? you could have googled more useful info. don't be a lazy fuck lol.
  20. Hopefull Stoner

    Aquaman gets dirty

    ironic how the basics are still not understood well enough. that's 3/4 of the battle and gets u to have a decent harvest more often than not. the whole idea is to transplant prior to excessive root circling because it means we're waiting too late optimally. Yet, they overcome that most often...
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