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    Starbud, Sharksbreath and Chemical romance

    I grew Sharksbreath for a few years and all my friends loved it. I wish i still had it to be honest. Just so ya know its yummy too bro. Best of luck with your grow. PeAcE :banana1sv6:
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    harvest day purple kush

    Bumbo Klaat Buds Yo!!!!! NiCe
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    Which grow tent

    I've got a Secret Jardin DarkStreet II 5 x 5 x 6 that i used for all my seed breeding that i love.
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    Canadian Gardener

    Welcome fellow Canadian, I am RedSkywalker the redeyejedi lol PeAcE
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    How many strains you got?

    Like i said bro oldskool :banana1sv6: Luckily we got our metal back though! Ross blamed the THC in his system on the fact that he's from BC and ya can't go2 a party in BC where there aint ganja smoked hahaha PeAcE
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    How many strains you got?

    Funny you should even know that strain bro! Most folk have no clue and after smoking some Olympik always comment on finding out its part Burmese, never NG. Old Skool bro
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    Evolution Seeds - aliendog F3's

    My ADf2 mama throws a few nanners when near end of flower but they have never shed pollen or even opened. And she's way to killer to throw away just because of that lol. I just pluck then out like you said bro. PeAcE
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    How many strains you got?

    Clones: MOTHERS; VipersVenom SSG- mix of indian and mexican sativa genetics Gspot Olympik (NaganoGold x Burmese) IslandSweetSkunk BCBD Purps GodBud Rene original cut BubbaKush Katsu cut GreenCrack mission cut MentalFloss Chimera cut SuperStarDawg (Mass. SuperSkunk x...
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    Best sativa?

    Hazes shouldn't be mixed in with the list of landrace sativas ya keep say'n bro, as haze(s) are a mix of at least 3 different landrace strains. PeAcE
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    Alien og kush

    Bumbo Klaat Buds! I still have at least 6 weeks til mine look like that yo! Great job.
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    Alien og kush

    Nice look'n plants bro! Gives me something to look forward to, i've got some Alien OG a week into flower along with Tahoe OG, Sour Aliens, Alien Bubba and Chem 4 OG. PeAcE
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    just a few outdoor shots

    How far along is the Captain by the way bro?
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    just a few outdoor shots

    Bong me up Scotty! love the crystal on the Captain bro!
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    FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements

    Our government tried this a few years ago up here in Canada but luckily it never passed. Lets hope you guys have the same outcome, best of luck!
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    Rez's Sour Diesal IBL

    Nice plants DJXX!
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    My Jazz Berry Jam Grow

    Great job as usual bro! Can't wait to see the final product. :banana1sv6:
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    Stupidest thing u've done since starting?

    I put my device wherever the lady asks me to!
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    My Jazz Berry Jam Grow

    Great show so far broski, you're doin a bang-up job my friend. I can't wait ta see your babies come into flower, CVs shyt is da bomb yo. PeAcE :banana1sv6:
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    Rez's Sour Diesal IBL

    Love'n this thread! I have a killer Rez SD bx3 male I use to make tons of crosses. Never found any good females though. May you be blessed with a keeper of both sexes dude.
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    Do clones need darkness??

    I never heard of this bro, is it something you heard/read about? Or did you make this lighting schedule yourself? PeAcE :pimp:
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