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  1. JaxiDoodlson

    Out Of My Comfort Zone

    that can happen if your not watering correctly or if you put the soil in dry from the start, I always moisten my soil in a tub or kiddy pool before planting into to. Also I water with a pump sprayer or a watering wand, slowly saturating all of the soil evenly vs just dumping in a cup or bucket...
  2. JaxiDoodlson

    Opinion Needed On Lighting For Mother Plants

    You should have no problem getting that many clones just off the t12 IMHO, My uncle tried growing with about four its was funny the plants were 6 feet tall, lanky as all hell but tall.
  3. JaxiDoodlson

    First Grow!

    Looking good for a first!
  4. JaxiDoodlson

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    That looks amazing, I need to grow it.
  5. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    Thanks I think I might start recycling the soil, I hate wasting stuff. I eventually want to go to a notill bed set up. The cost of initial set has me holding off, I know it’ll save in the long run.
  6. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    For shits and giggles here is a pic of a MOB plant 707 roots organic soil in flower I only top dressed once a week with terp tea bloom and high phos bat quano. Watered with my 8-8.4 ph water
  7. JaxiDoodlson

    Buddy's Indoor Organic Blueberry Grow

    I liked this grow log allot you should do another one.
  8. JaxiDoodlson

    Out Of My Comfort Zone

    I've always heard of it creating hot spots from the wrinkles.
  9. JaxiDoodlson

    Out Of My Comfort Zone

    Plant looks fine to me, this plant is easy to grow. I've seen someone root rot all there plants before using a meter. If its plain old aluminum foil I would take that off.
  10. JaxiDoodlson

    Heat Treatment For Mites

    Beneficial mites.
  11. JaxiDoodlson

    How To Speed Up Ripening?

    I would say just let plants do their thing, But I was told don't know if its true or not. Was told by a big nectar guy that Aphrodite's Extraction can speed it up.
  12. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    Thank you! I use a small boy dechlorinater and sediment filter, My towns water is very clean but I use it as a Precaution. I keep all my water in a food grade barrel so its room temp when I need it. I've considered bringing in my rain water just to be more resourceful. I have their 550v2 and...
  13. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    Thank you, I appreciate the input I've grown for years and its never been a problem. I'm Just logging this grow to show you can make it as simple or complicated as possible.
  14. JaxiDoodlson

    How To Get Seedlings In Veg State

    I soak in water 24 hours, set them on paper towel in a Tupperware. Once the tap your is about 1/2 I put in Soil in a peat cup (Solo cups aren't to environmentally friendly. Just keep the soil moist and not to wet. I've never used a dome even with low humidity.
  15. JaxiDoodlson

    Just Took Clones. Are These Lights Ok To Use.

    Yes but one light is probably sufficient. Less light the better IMHO.
  16. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    Time to kill this one and feed it the chickens. This hlg100 is well worth 150 bucks. I did break it with in 5 minute and had to resauder a connection, it was my own fault.
  17. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    I’ve grown for years in unideal conditions. Lol. These are gonna be flowered under a hlg550v2 or a hlg300v2, undecided.
  18. JaxiDoodlson

    A Simple Organic Grow Log.

    I don't grow in ideal temps or humidity. So heres a grow log of 12 Bodhi Dream Lotus seeds, Grown in not so ideal conditions 20 degree temps drops and so forth. To show what can be done with out a whole lot of effort. They happily sit in 2 gallon geo pots In Michigan MIX M3, some cover crop and...
  19. JaxiDoodlson

    Humidity In My House Is Out Of Control

    I keep my humidity between 40-60 old field stone basement some days my rh is 30, my plants are fine. my temp drop down to 55 some nights. I'd only be concered if it's 30 for weeks on end.
  20. JaxiDoodlson

    Humidity In My House Is Out Of Control

    If your growing in a tent, exhausting the air the humidity and temp are only gonna be a few points off from the rest of the room. As your pulling the air in. Your room, the tents in you need to get to the desired range. Winters tuff. spring is right around the corner. Get a bigger humidifier if...
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