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  1. Plantdaddy

    Auto grow update Green Crack, Lemon Auto, Sour Diesel, Alaskan Purple...

    Who's the breeder on these? Looks like solid genetics grown to their full potential
  2. Plantdaddy

    1st grow ever and in Coco - what's up with my ladies?

    Seriously everything is looking phenomenal. Those pantry racks are absolutely brilliant. I bet you could hit those legs with a hacksaw and shorten them very quick and easily. Keep it up gro bro
  3. Plantdaddy

    Yield issues for many rounds now (mainly Gelato): any suggestions welcomed

    I'm running gelato for the second time now and ive come to the conclusion it's a poor yielding strain. Top shelf herb so I decided to give it a second go and and same result.
  4. Plantdaddy

    1st grow ever and in Coco - what's up with my ladies?

    You're killing it brother. Got the hang of coco quick
  5. Plantdaddy

    Calcium deficiency near end of flower?

    At this point if you're close to flush then the damage is done and any possible negative effects to yield have already happened. Your buds will be fine. Maybe not as good as their full potential but I wouldn't worry about it at this point. It looks like you're still going to pull in a nice...
  6. Plantdaddy

    First grow harvest. Now hanging to dry.

    Congrats bud. Yea there's the occasional bad seed (pun intended) on the farm but for the most part we're all a big family and love helping each other cultivate our magical plants. It's basically us vs. the govt so why not help each other. We're the front line soldiers in a war on our meds and...
  7. Plantdaddy

    How much do I defoliate here

    You had me at I just finger my ladies
  8. Plantdaddy

    Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

    Hey it's been a wierd year and lots of crazy things have happened we all thought wouldn't so..... good vibes brother
  9. Plantdaddy

    Pistils turning black during flower

    Im far from an expert but I've had this many times in certain strains where different phenos throw out pistols from purple to black to red and pink and everything in between. Plant looks healthy from your up close pic. I would say it's just an expression of a purple leaning pheno.
  10. Plantdaddy

    Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

    I like the sound of that. Gonna give it a try on my next round. Currently have a 5x5 full of gelato OG that im not happy with the flower size beginning week 9 tomorrow. Its the loudest and frostiest strain I've run but unless it surprises me with weight, one of the smallest yielding strains I've...
  11. Plantdaddy

    How much do I defoliate here

    Yes I'm pretty sure my man @growsince79 is aware of what the ratings mean. I assume what he is saying by needing a minimum of a 190 is because the resistance and strain pushing air through all that carbon will burn up a smaller fan.
  12. Plantdaddy

    Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

    I don't post much because of safety reasons but ive been following along on your beautiful grow as always. I would like to throw my hat in the ring at 117 oz 1 gram. I have a question for you guys. I know pgr's are generally frowned upon for many reasons. I know you guys wouldn't be using...
  13. Plantdaddy

    Toofless Alian and Sweet tooth.

    Hey bud. I just wanted to return the kind gesture and your cash for shipping. I have not popped them yet. Im waiting for our weather to warm up so I can run them outdoors. Yes I'm def going to do some crossing and pollen saving and I'll keep you updated on the progress.
  14. Plantdaddy

    Toofless Alian and Sweet tooth.

    Hey bud. I sent you a pm.
  15. Plantdaddy

    Searching for high THCV strains

    Subbed. Interested in the results of your Monday goodie box.
  16. Plantdaddy

    Mars-Hydro 420 giveaway! Everyone have fun!

    I need a tent. So here's my entry to just receive the 10 dollar coupon to use on 420 since i never win anything anyway.
  17. Plantdaddy

    What do I have? 🤔

    Def heavy sativa influence. Maybe that is why you're not familiar with the smell? Possibly heavy landrace from farmed herb in mexico or south america? You did say it came from a bag so i guess that would be highly possible. Looks good though!
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