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    Is Advanced Nutrients Worth The $$$??

    Wow mate. I thought this was a thread about Advanced Nutrients. Seems you think this thread is about organic growing. When it comes to my outdoor veggies I follow the organic approach. As far as my indoor I use salt fertilizers. My advice is based on years of experience using the fertilizers I...

    Is Advanced Nutrients Worth The $$$??

    I blew it??? What did I blow? Giving out good information was my intention. I get great results without silica. What's your problem with me sharing my information? Get a life.

    Larry Og....possible Hermie Or Too Early To Tell

    You can do it in early flower also. I would take a branch or two every day or every other day starting day 5 of flower and up til the end of week 2 if necessary.

    Larry Og....possible Hermie Or Too Early To Tell

    Dude you need to thin a shitload of that inner growth if you want to get the best results in the future. You'd be looking at lots of airy popcorn crap sucking the life out of the nugs on top. Best to start the process gradually, and prior to going into flower. Just an FYI.

    Is Advanced Nutrients Worth The $$$??

    Rhino Skin is overpriced silica. Run Protekt silica from Dyna Grow if you feel silica is a must. Silica is silica. Why pay 3 times more for a bottle just because it has a cool name and an artists rendition of a Rhino on the bottle. I'll be honest, I bought a bottle of it when it first came out...

    Is Advanced Nutrients Worth The $$$??

    Piranha, Rhino skin and Flawless Finish are a waste of money. None will add any discernible yield or quality benefit whatsoever. I run Sensi Bloom Coco A and B, Big Bud, Overdrive, Bud Factor X (after week 3 and up til week 6 or 7, stuffs expensive but works well). I used to use Bud Candy but...


    Hi Guy. Great info thanks for all you do. Electronic infotronics. :cool:

    Why Calmag All The Time???

    I've never experienced root rot in coco or rockwool.

    Why Calmag All The Time???

    I use 75% R.O. to 25% tap water (250 ppm tap) and I use about 2ml/ gal Botanicare Cal Mag. Been working on this formula (Gh 3 part in veg, sensi A and B flower) for a while and it works well.
  10. OGONLY

    3 Part Gh Mixed With Big Bud

    I've used them together in the past with good results. You can go full strength if you have large plants, otherwise you'll be fine at 75% dosage of each.
  11. OGONLY

    Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

    They still make Carboload. It even has a new picture on the label. They never stopped making it.
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    Buying Vaporizer

    Love my Solo also. If you buy a "gong" attachment you can use it with a bong. My Toro 7/13 is now my dedicated vapor rig. The gong attachments can be found on Pictured is my Solo on my Pillar, but I prefer the 7/13 with the Solo.
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    Decent Ph Pen For Good Price?

    Baking soda and lemon juice is a joke. Do it right, get a ph meter and use a Ph up an ph down solution or Protekt liquid silicate which I use as Ph up til week 6 of flower. My Hanna Ph/ppm combo meter has worked well for over 3 years and has been well worth the $160 I paid for it.
  14. OGONLY

    Flowering Teqhnique

    I've done it several times and never had any issues. I noticed no difference in end product yield or quality. One thing I love about it is using that 36 hour window of time to get the hell out of town overnight somewhere, somewhere nice. Sadly those seem to be the only occasions Im able to get away.
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    Dabbing Etiquette?

    Don't drop a huge glob of material on my nail at once and gum up the joint on my dome. I hate it when my bros do that. I always like to handle the dabber while they smoke on the rig. Some insist on doing it themselves and always gum up my nice clean rig.
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    Heavy 16 Product review

    I wouldn't say I've gone to the full AN line up. But I suppose it is mostly AN. I run AN Sensi bloom (coco version) A and B along with AN Big bud (coco version), AN Carboload, and AN Overdrive (regular version) the last 2 weeks before flush. Also run Hygrozyme nearly every watering...
  17. OGONLY

    Worm Farming Aka Vermicomposting!

    I'm going to have to try adding lime to my bins. I'm guessing mine are very acid and likely why I have the occasional escapees dried on the concrete adjacent to my bins. Also going to add some coco coir as I've got plenty of that. I've had these tiny black moths in my bins for over a year...
  18. OGONLY

    Heavy 16 Product review

    As I stated earlier in this thread I used Heavy 16 for a few rounds. Actually, went through 2 gallon bottles each of the Bloom A and B. Ran Fire along with it as well until I decided I got better results coupling it with Big bud and later Overdrive. I was satisfied, but not overjoyed with it...
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    Quick question... Do u have to flush your plants with phd water for the whole flushin

    No ph adjustments are needed in flush. No molasses either. Flushing means flushing. I can give straight RO for 14 days and leaves still look healthy aside from the fade which is what you want to achieve during flush. One theory I subscribe to more and more over the years when it comes to...
  20. OGONLY

    Drugs Inc Season 6 Episode 4 *marijuana Mayhem* Full Video

    I'm not sure if this is the episode I saw last night or not because I don't have time to view your attached episode. If it's the one about New York and sour diesel I did see it. I was unaware sour diesel is still so popular lol. I'm guessing any dank from Cali whether it be OG or Chem is called...
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