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  1. darksideX

    Still Anybody I Know Out There ? Darksidex Is Callin' From Space Haha

    heyho farmers.. i am looking for my old friends here.. hope all are well and still farmin' cheers, dsx
  2. darksideX

    Pineapple Cheese S1 Project

    all the best for your project bro..soundz like a smellin' bomb :) cheers
  3. darksideX

    White Dawg places 2nd in Denver Medical Cup

    yea congratulations bro :party cheers
  4. darksideX

    Great Movie List

    New Kids Turbo :D
  5. darksideX

    Humboldt Express outdoors and lovin it....

    ho ho TK, your humboldt lady looks off the hook brah.. i was lovin the sweet smells comin from the pheno i had..BG made me very happy with that cross.. all the best and can't wait to c her nature budporn :) cheers
  6. darksideX

    Star Dawg Keepers

    holy moly..darkside also want some stardawg :) all phenos look delicious..props to the growers and fo sure jj & topdawg crew.respect! cheers
  7. darksideX

    Great Movie List

    Lucky number slevin :)
  8. darksideX

    Organic White Star Dawg

    very nice show bro..looks all delicious and mouthwaterin' props to the grower & the breeder :) mad respect 4 Topdawg & crew!
  9. darksideX

    TESLA - (white fire x vortex)

    was up've got a nice project goin' on..all phenos look kool..i like 1,2 and 5 most..but 3 and 4 also could be some winners hahah..keep 'em comin' :)
  10. darksideX

    Chem 3

    'chem-azing'..or shoulda say 'chem-tastic' ;) nice show gtd..hope you'r fine broh cheers
  11. darksideX

    Billy Goat's Chem4 X Choc Thai

    mind if i take a seat..these gens sound awesome props mr.goat :)
  12. darksideX

    Pure alien and other rarities

    obs i think you r from outa space bro..mad respect i'd luv to see some of ur gens goin' around :)
  13. darksideX

    What is alien?

    :makeup lol thaz some funny shit..i don't kno which alien stuff u are tokin' but the real ones from obs' are the shit..straight fire :mad0233: they were the best fire from seed for a long time..smell 'n taste were absolutely fine..i had diff phenotypes from his genes..and all were high grade...
  14. darksideX


    wat up willy wonka..good to see u doin' ur thang..ladys look nice 'n healthy bro.. ..btw some lovely strains
  15. darksideX

    Snowdawg Seeded Pics

    lot of dank is comin' ur way bro..
  16. darksideX

    ***euforia's garden***

    nice garden euforia..all look happy & healty..lovin the SPG :)
  17. darksideX

    Competition - Name that strain

    Purple Urkle x Chemdawg Sister >>>>urkle sweeeze<<<< AJ Sour Diesel x Chemdawg Sister>>>>(AJ's) sour sister<<<< Chemdawg#4 x Chemdawg Sister>>>>chem b (b..for bomb)<<<< Snowdawg x Chemdawg Sister>>>>snowy sister<<<< >>>>can't wait to get some haha :) ..great crosses dude cheers
  18. darksideX

    Different Tahoe OG Pheno's from Cali Con

    wat up..i had 2 nice phenotypes..both were funky lemon pledge style.. >>>>og to the max<<<<one was a bit lanky..the other one was a resin bomb both were great..tahoe is were it's at imo :joint: here's a link if you'r interested
  19. darksideX

    Strawberry Creme Pics

    yea logic..this cut is to die for..a beautiful lady..>>>>mouth waterin'<<<< best wishes for ur breedin project bro..def some fine specials in ur collection cheers
  20. darksideX

    I'll be back soon

    wattup RR..nice to c u back..maself was away too for a while.. >>>can't wait to see u rockin' ur garden again.. cheers
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