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  1. southstreets

    Winta's White & Legend OG Grow

    That's what's up my ninja! Good to see you up and running finally :)
  2. southstreets

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Who cares what's better then what.. We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to herb.. Always reading ppl sayin my cuts better than yours gets old and redundant.. Thanks to everyone posting all the flame in this thread.. I guess I'll go back to just looking at the pics and skipping the...
  3. southstreets

    waaynes tester thread / Nspecta's CSI: HUMBOLDT

    Waayne can turn a turd into platinum lol.. Ready for the show bro
  4. southstreets

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Tahoe sorry it's sideways..
  5. southstreets

    Drones over Cali

    Chris rock said it best...
  6. southstreets

    My friend Ted

    Sorry to hear of the loss..
  7. southstreets

    big sur holy weed

    Is anyone still working this line? I haven't been online much anymore so I'm really outta the loop.. Lol.. I've been chasing bshw for a longtime with no success lol
  8. southstreets

    Is there just "plain" OG Kush?

    I don't think it really matters what cut it is.. Like a lot of dope growers have already said.. A dialed og is the best og. Forget bout the cut name and rock it out if it's flame it'll sell itself no "moniker" needed! I hope it turns out good for u!
  9. southstreets

    Rival's Funk Lab

    Congrats on ur having a princess bro! Mine changed my life.. My lil girl rounded out them sharp edges I had. Lol... Def a big difference then having a boy! Lol.. Congrats again!
  10. southstreets

    Fuck yeah welcome back!

    Good to see u guys are still kickin GOD and crew!! :)
  11. southstreets

    Looking for another strain to run from Top Dawg.

    Yea I'd have to say jjs gear is my fav to run! I popped 6 strawberry hp and ended up with 2 females I'll let you know how they turn out. Next run ill be popping some white kush.. Hopefully you find someone who's willing to let go of some TD gear for you!
  12. southstreets

    El "Chapo" Guzman arrested...

    There's already reports outta Mexico saying it's not him.. Don't know if they're true or not..
  13. southstreets

    the coffee shop

    Good afternoon farm! Nice weather here in so cal... This was yesterday..
  14. southstreets

    Washington seed bank Wonka Series?

    Alpha been in the seed game longer then loompa.. Infact he use to sell seeds on this very site lol.. Been using the snow dawg and space queen in his crosses for yrs now... No copying going on just another breeder doing beans..
  15. southstreets

    I'm back in action

    Doesn't he look a lil bit like Miley Cyrus with make up on? :)
  16. southstreets

    I'm back in action

    Sup bro! Good to see ya back.. Gunna do any tombstone grows this yr?
  17. southstreets

    Gsc (forum cut)

    Yea it has.... I'm bout to start a thread here in a wk or. 2... Had a bad batch of clones my guys somehow tracked in bugs .... So I got more rooting now and everything sterile... Gotta get some stuff out also.. Lol..
  18. southstreets

    Gsc (forum cut)

    INFO Tester Name :Mr.streets Strain :gsc (forum) grown by Dalae632 Method Smoked :bong SMELL 10/10 Dominant smell of bud :Og funk Associated smells of bud : a sweet dessert type smell TASTE 8.5/10 Dominant flavour It's got an identical taste to how she smells Associated flavours ...
  19. southstreets


    INFO Tester Name :mr.streets Strain :wifi#3 grown by Dalae 632 Method Smoked :bong SMELL 7/10 Dominant smell of bud : straight og funk Associated smells of bud :musky Had a nice og smell just not as strong as a straight og TASTE 8/10 Dominant flavour :eek:g kushy goodness Associated flavours...
  20. southstreets

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    Those shots are on point bro!!!! Thanks for the mouth watering flicks!
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