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  1. Lp_jr

    Anyone had good results from Living Soil?

    What Ph is your water with a living soil/coco mix?
  2. Lp_jr

    Veg+bloom Switch, What Should I Expect?

    cocoa/perlite, 50/50
  3. Lp_jr

    Veg+bloom Switch, What Should I Expect?

    I used to use the Veg + products along with calimagic, Mills Vitalize, Photosythesis plus, etc, etc. I've simplified and just use Veg + base, push foliar, life and add shine in flower. Much better results without all the tip burn and other issues I used to have.
  4. Lp_jr

    First Grow Skywalker OG (Organic)

    Yes on banana. I'd recommend moving it to general growing. You'll get better responses.
  5. Lp_jr

    Let’s talk Nutrients...what is everyone using??

    Hyrdoponics Research- Veg + Bloom HD, Life and Push, along with Photosynthesis plus and Calimagic.
  6. Lp_jr


    I tried the coco for cannabis style of multiple fertigation events per day (2-3). I found I was overwatering and the pots were heavy. Again, several variables, but the best advice I got was wait till the pots are light before you feed again.
  7. Lp_jr

    Tinctures: alcohol- glycerine-MCT oil

    Yes! Made my first one today, ended up using MCT oil just because we have a gas stove. Ended up putting it into mason jars in a water bath, inside a crock pot.
  8. Lp_jr

    Tinctures: alcohol- glycerine-MCT oil

    I read so many conflicting pieces of information about what should be used in tinctures. Any preferences?
  9. Lp_jr

    Day 21 flower, not the results I was hoping for. Looking for pointers on what NOT to do next run, going from coco to DWC

    I think they look real good. I did see some cupping on the leaf edges, meaning the light was too close(too much heat). Looks like you already addressed that.
  10. Lp_jr

    Seeds seeds seeds seeds seeds!!!

  11. Lp_jr

    Are this trichoms milky? Or not.

  12. Lp_jr

    Smart Pots In An Ebb & Flow?

    Resurrection!!! Contemplating an ebb and flow setup and wondered if smart pots with coco/perlite are a good option.
  13. Lp_jr

    Day 40 flowering in 3x3 Nature’s living Soil

    Nice! So just water, no nutes during grow?
  14. Lp_jr

    Anyone have any autopot experiences?

    Curious to what peoples opinions are on them.
  15. Lp_jr

    Anyone gone from cocoa to ebb and flow?

    I don't think so. When the table drains, it will remove all the nutrients in solution.
  16. Lp_jr

    Anyone gone from cocoa to ebb and flow?

    That was my initial thought, drain to waste. The flood table seems like a better option.
  17. Lp_jr

    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    They will not. I am in the same boat and reached out to them.
  18. Lp_jr

    AutoPots: Do you need a pump constantly running to keep nutrients mixed?

    I would put a small pump in it personally. I'm also looking at the autopots as well.
  19. Lp_jr

    Anyone gone from cocoa to ebb and flow?

    Been top feeding coco up to now and was thinking of going to an ebb and flow(flood table). It looks like less time watering to me, just wanted to see if others had gone the same route or 'been there..done that'.
  20. Lp_jr

    What Should My Runoff Ppm Be?

    Of what goes into the pot. i.e. 4 quarts in, 1 quart out.
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