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  1. Aligee

    Chalice Festival

    See you there! @digdugdank
  2. Aligee

    Apollo 13 F4

    My son has found a superb lady from these Apollo's @Motarebel shes been stressed to the max and continues to shine! think you sent me f3's im not to sure its been quit a while!
  3. Aligee

    russet mites

  4. Aligee

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Agreed, besides that lots of good info as this all unfolds, Have a great day Sir.
  5. Aligee

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Lots of info here,
  6. Aligee

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    AliGee seed collective' first feminized seed release... "Fruitloops" = Tropicoma x fruity pebbles og cut Grown by @caregiverken "Fruitloops" grown by @waayne
  7. Aligee

    Sour Bubble Testers Are On And Poppin.

    Out of three packs so far I've only seen two phenos, short no stretch cornstalk pheno and a tall stretchy one, we tossed all the short stubby ones,
  8. Aligee

    Caregiver is pitching a tent!

    No grapinvaders in these forum bx's. selection was made from these, we are currently now at a forum bx2 "forum x forum x (forum x sourbubble)" a selection is being made now from these to F2 and release summer of 2015 give or take... check out Kens feed on IG!
  9. Aligee

    Look What The Cat Dragged (back) In

    Yes Sir lots of good things happening over here! Thx, if you need anything holler i got plenty to share amigo!
  10. Aligee

    Look What The Cat Dragged (back) In

    Welcome Back to The Farm! @motherlode
  11. Aligee

    Meet The Flintstones

    These Flintstones are freebies w/ a donation for prop215 patients at KindPeoples collective in Santa Cruz Ca!
  12. Aligee

    Seed Junkie Seeds

    Thats a nice tribute to GoldenRod!
  13. Aligee

    The Emerald Cup Was A Blast

    Had a blast at the cup best one ive seen yet! was great meeting you @Nspecta! i popped some of your Cornbread as soon as i got back!:D
  14. Aligee

    Pollen Sales

    i also have male pollen available,
  15. Aligee

    Why You Don't Talk To The Police...

    my grandfather taught me at the young age of about 5 or so to NEVER speak to Pigs! i have six sons who have been taught the exact same!
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  17. Aligee

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

  18. Aligee

    Meet The Flintstones

    This is gonna be a good show Ken! ill be watching!
  19. Aligee

    Gifts Under A Gram: Stocking Stuffers For Stoners

    thats the first thing i said 20 a gram more like 5-6$ gram or less for AAA grade here in central cali!
  20. Aligee

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Obs Franchise genetics wifi 3 x alien
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