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  1. JerryGarcia

    I need all the information pls. Post me links

    I'd suggest reading the posts in the Infirmary. Growing cannabis is pretty easy, until something goes wrong. Being able to recognize problems and know how to fix them is what drew me to this site.
  2. JerryGarcia

    Need help deciding when to harvest!

    You've got a while yet, Marie. See how your plant is still producing white pistils? That's an indication that the flowers are still growing/putting on weight. Wait a couple of weeks, and then post new pics. Oh, and do you have a jewelers loupe to check trichomes?
  3. JerryGarcia

    Joints, hooters, doobies, spliffs, hog legs!

    What year is the Merc, @Frankster ?
  4. JerryGarcia

    When do you all harvest?

    OP: your flowers are still growing. Let them go a couple more weeks, then take new photos and post them here.
  5. JerryGarcia

    Joints, hooters, doobies, spliffs, hog legs!

    For me it's king sized Elements with RAW filters. And I use a cigarette holder that I made from a skinny branch from my maple tree. I haven't burned my lip once.
  6. JerryGarcia

    They hate us cause they HortulANUS

    I've never had an outdoor plant be affected by ambient light, whether from the streetlight across the street or the full moon, at least that I can tell (no herming, no re-veg). But I've had problems with indoor plants herming from what I thought was light leakage. It's interesting to hear your...
  7. JerryGarcia

    Ozone Generator to sterilize room?

    An ozone generator will not "sterilize" your room. I will kill some mold spores, bacteria, viruses, but only if it contacts them. Commercial ozone generators that are designed for air treatment don't put out that high of a concentration of ozone, because people are idiots and they'll run them...
  8. JerryGarcia

    1st grow

    Great job, NW!
  9. JerryGarcia

    I Need your help please

    I had two plants that looked exactly like yours this year. And I used pretty much what you're using (third year of Subcool's super soil with regular top dressing). I bought Cal-Mag at a little past the stage you're in now and fed every watering at 1mL per gallon. It didn't correct anything...
  10. JerryGarcia

    Delicious Dark Purple Med run. Michigan no-card 12 max legal recreational. Gave the card up.

    I think that your seedlings are dying/wilting due to lack of water. They only have a tap root at that stage, no lateral roots. You're giving them just a tiny little zone of moist soil to grow. Try saturating a larger area, and just wait longer until the next watering.
  11. JerryGarcia

    Delicious Dark Purple Med run. Michigan no-card 12 max legal recreational. Gave the card up.

    This sure sounds like apical dominance to me.
  12. JerryGarcia

    Delicious Dark Purple Med run. Michigan no-card 12 max legal recreational. Gave the card up.

    Are you looking for the phrase "apical dominance"?
  13. JerryGarcia


    Hello Sean! It's tough to determine if a plant is ripe when the pics were taken under HPS. But in your case, I can see that you've got lots of new pistils. Once they all shrivel back (probably not sooner than a couple of weeks), take some new pics in natural light.
  14. JerryGarcia

    Do I have a lady on my hands?

    It's a girl!
  15. JerryGarcia

    Aphid’s won’t go away.

    I dealt with aphids last year. I kept them at bay by squishing them and blasting them off with water. Neem did nothing (I picked a leaf full of aphids, sprayed it and put it in a plastic baggie...24 hours later they were still alive). To be honest, I don't think they hurt me much, if at all.
  16. JerryGarcia

    Bud rot? Please help a first time grower

    If its been wet, its probably bud rot. If it's been dry, it's probably caterpillars. Wet rot is tough to deal with, especially if the wet weather continues. All you can do is try to keep your plants shielded from the rain.
  17. JerryGarcia

    Outdoor grow canada

    They're looking really nice! How much have they changed since your last post?
  18. JerryGarcia

    3.7ft x 9 x 8ft garage grow room build

    Your A/C setup is really interesting. It would solve a problem I have with cooling. Does it work?
  19. JerryGarcia

    Spider mites late in the game.. please help

    Would you report back after harvest and let us know if you noticed any residual affects of the habanero spray? It would be helpful to see follow up posts from folks who have problems. In fact, it would be great if there was a searchable tag that users could put on threads to give feedback...
  20. JerryGarcia

    Hellpppp too crazy with pics

    Prop it up with a few bamboo stakes.
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