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  1. Moe Danks

    Dream Crosses

    Just was thinking about some aliens Island Sweet Skunk x Alien Kush = Alien Island (Super Silver Haze x Head Band) x Alien Kush = Silver Cosmos (Black Widow x Alien Kush) x OG Kush = Black Hole Kush (Sour D x Alien Kush) x (OG Kush x Alien Kush) = Space Jimmy
  2. Moe Danks

    Dream Crosses

    Right on Altitude. Hear nothing but good things about the loompa crew. Also what is the wheelchair made up of? Never heard of her before. (C99 x Bubba Kush) x (Sour D x Jack The Ripper)
  3. Moe Danks

    Dream Crosses

    Nice. I remember hearing a lot about the east coast piff a few years back. Nothing pretty but some outstanding smoke. Would love to have a cross of that myself. Day dreamin' about BOG Bogglegum x MNS Neville's Haze BOG Lifesaver x Headband (Lemon Thai x Lemon G) x Dj Short BB (Lemon Thai x Dj...
  4. Moe Danks

    Dream Crosses

    Hey farmers, been a long time since visiting. Looks like a lot has changed for the better. But anyways it seems like some threads were lost in a server change. So I want to start up an old thread of mine with my come back to farming. So if you had the perfect parents what crosses would you...
  5. Moe Danks

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    What up farmers? How the fuck did we get all this snow with so much fire? You all have been killin' it. I had the pleasure to smoke GSC a while ago and it was some kills. Nice to see it working its way around the mitten. Hope to have a grow set up in the next couple weeks. And time for moe to...
  6. Moe Danks

    How much do dispensaries buy wax for?

    I'm no dispensary, but i would never pay more than $35 a g, and that would have to be the best of the best.
  7. Moe Danks

    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    Well I totally forgot to finish this log. The ZM turned out amazing, although she did take forever to flower. But that was fine and what I was searching for. I didn't smoke much of her, maybe only a few grams. Smoking her just didn't do justice to her power in edibles. Probably the most...
  8. Moe Danks

    MI's festival season 2011

    Gotta love the music festivals :rollj: I should be at electric forest, been waiting 2 years for another Rothbury. Crazy it's only a few weeks away. And the line keeps getting better, I really wish STS9 would show up for a late night party. After that I'm not too sure what's next on my...
  9. Moe Danks

    What are you listening to right now?

  10. Moe Danks

    Competition - Name that strain

    Purple Urkle x Chemdawg Sister = Whitney Houston AJ Sour Diesel x Chemdawg Sister = New York Hooker Chemdawg#4 x Chemdawg Sister = Barbra Streisand Snowdawg x Chemdawg Sister = Alpha Wolf :harvest:
  11. Moe Danks

    Dude be spittin' that FIRE

    well this is thcfarmer and i do stay medicated. here's joe rogan laying down some truth. don't get caught up in conspiracy shit the government will always have their way. just live life the best you can...and smoke dmt. :very_first_smiley:
  12. Moe Danks

    Dude be spittin' that FIRE

    skipped around the video and i did not hear this guy spit one flow.....
  13. Moe Danks

    new MI company starting....

    im smokin on some SFV OG Kush s1 found on the streets. not bad at all.
  14. Moe Danks

    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    really sorry on no updates lately. the KA came down and was some citrus/musky smelling and tasting danks. with a really nice whole body buzz and clear head. some couchlock after smoking 3 bongs, which isn't really needed. the ZM is still growing, n im not too sure how much longer. but the...
  15. Moe Danks

    Pisces Genetics are coming to the Bay...

    sounds good man, i myself love SSH crosses. they're all i've been growing for about the last 2 years. would love to give some of your genetics a run in the near future. :harvest: :rollj:
  16. Moe Danks

    Zilvermist 10 Weeks

    lookin great man! my ZM is on week 11 or so right now. ill snag some pics right before she gets the chop (within a week i think). also is she starting to seed herself?
  17. Moe Danks

    skunkmasterflex's mad jungle of strains grow diary

    you honestly have everything i want. :bong-hits:
  18. Moe Danks

    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    Now ZM. This girl still has a nice musky smell, but some sweetness is starting to come out as well. The is really starting to pack on this girl too, but not as much as KA right now. But this girl still has a good 2 weeks left.
  19. Moe Danks

    Moe's ASG Testing Thread

    First up KA. this girl is almost done, maybe a little over a week at most im thinking. She has a nice soft fruity smell. The weight and frost are really starting to pack on as well, frost like whoa.
  20. Moe Danks

    co2 oil

    way off topic, but definitely love to travel with demetri.
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