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  1. aldus

    Sharing my Research

    Not much unfortunately, I barely know any chemistry. I took ochem and didn't do well, my thermo focused pchem class was more entertaining. I just take the stuff from the chemists and size it up. Squiggly is dropping knowledge for sure.
  2. aldus

    Sharing my Research

    This reminds me why I went for chemical engineering instead of chemistry. Cool work.
  3. aldus

    What is one to do in this situation? HELP needed now.....

    Uhaul everything for the inspection.
  4. aldus

    What Ya Payin For Electric

    $0.07242 per kWh Comes out to $26.07/month for 12/12 or double that for vegging
  5. aldus

    American Weed on Natgeo

    Yea that kinda puts things in a different light. Show has no mention of him trying to push out the little peoples like that, but what can you expect from rupert murdock's editors? So do you guys living it think the med status is worth the extra legal hassles? It sucks here always worrying...
  6. aldus

    American Weed on Natgeo

    As someone from a non med state looking in sometimes it makes it angry and sometimes it gives me hope. It makes me angry that some people are fulfilling the typical retarded stoner stereotype and getting attention on a national level for it. That Gemma girl from the original natgeo show being...
  7. aldus

    Chemmy Jones

    Looking good man! What is everyone feeding these things? I am using the super old 6/9 lucas GH with 7.5ml calmag+ per gallon and liquid koolbloom blasts. It doesn't seem like near enough. Lots of N deficiency (yellowing), I am going to have to do something different next run.
  8. aldus

    Chemmy Jones

    Hell yes man. One of my plants looks exactly like that one, I think it is more casey leaning than my other plan which looks and smells more chemish. Mine are at exactly 6 weeks today and the buds are just now starting to blow up. If they fill out to half the size of your first pic I will...
  9. aldus

    Grandaddy Haze (GDPxSSSDH)

    Here are some dried pics of plants 1/3 the less gdp plants. The high on these two was way better than the GDP dom plant. It just didnt seem to pack very much punch. Smelled the best out of the three though and a friend has the clone and just cut them down so I can see how his turn out...
  10. aldus

    5 light 4 plant

    Looks like it's going to be a killer set up man. I'm sure you will get all the issues worked out and growing some nice buds. This is kinda my dream set up, as 4 plants in my state is still a misdemeanor, too bad they don't say how big they can be!! Can't wait to see what you can do with...
  11. aldus

    Cheesedog Grow Journal - 1st Time Medical

    Looking good man they should start getting real thick here shortly. I would LST the hazes and maybe flip them about a foot or foot and a half tall. Should leave you with plants under 4ft.
  12. aldus

    best feeding schedule for a newbie?

    soil, hydro, coco ? lots of factors to consider.
  13. aldus

    Grandaddy Haze (GDPxSSSDH)

    Thanks man. These were alive from seed maybe 2.5/3 months before I got to flip the lights. This includes about a week where the plants sat in trash bags all wrapped up no lights, water, or anything due to a security issue and they did remarkably well after coming out of the bags. Thanks, I...
  14. aldus

    Grandaddy Haze (GDPxSSSDH)

    Grandaddy Haze from Connoisseur. These are about 50/51 days along. The more sssdh dom pheno (#1) will probably take ~80 days and I plan on cutting the other two more gdp dom phenos down at day 70. Lots to improve on next round, mainly I need some kind of netting support to keep the...
  15. aldus

    Monster tower grow!

    Go on somewhere with that bullshit. Dude has contributed an amazing system pulling multiple elbows that works for him and you come in here and call it trash when you can't even deal with some fucking mites? ( I am...
  16. aldus

    Humboldt Express outdoors and lovin it....

    Awesome as usual. Amazing job man.
  17. aldus

    Chemmy Jones :)

    Planted 11 of these myself the other day and got 10/11 to come up. Looking good so far man glad I'll have something to work off of!
  18. aldus

    chemmy jones id

    Post some pics in your thread! Got the grandaddy haze and the chemmy jones today and debating what I wanna put in the ground first.
  19. aldus


    Just got my seeds today. Ordered the granddaddy haze and got the chemmy jones as my freebie.
  20. aldus


    Pretty excited about this. Ordered some granddaddy haze as well hoping for one of the og kush crosses for free, but would not be disappointed at all with the cheesedawg
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