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    Jazz Berry Jam

    Hey Canna I think Winta already asked this but can you give us some more info on the "Mota (Magus)" you used in this cross.
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    My gear arrived!

    Dr. D when did you get your order? Im so anxious :worried
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    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    Yo what is the song after Finally Moving?
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    My gear arrived!

    What was the difference between flat rate EMI and regular EMI? You should be able to track your shipment to see where it is and yes you get a PM when it arrives.
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    My gear arrived!

    Yo Mike what day was your payment received on? Im just wondering when I should expect my Tres and Guava, I cant wait! :harvest:
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    Nyc hashplant???

    Whats up Trollin? In the Topdawg Seeds forum you can find JJ's strain list, here is the link: You will see that he has lost or given up his HP #1 and his Skelly HP. So Id say that means he will not be making any more NYC Hashplant...
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    I am selling all these pieces if logic gives me permission.

    Whats up OG? I too went from the acrylics to the JBD's :) I still have three Jeromes left that made through the last 10+ years. IMO the Jeromes hit like nothing else! What is in the milli's on your Mothership? Are there milli's on the mouthpiece? Does it have the "JB" cross stamp right above...
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    WELL! Look who's got a Help Desk!!!!

    What up E.T. thanks for the quick response. I saw your Fugu grow and your plants look killer, how did they smoke. I see they used one of your pics for their description, did you use their seeds? So glad they are legit Ive been searching for these for a while now!
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    WELL! Look who's got a Help Desk!!!!

    Whats up guys! Welcome! I was just checking out your Fugu Kush, is it the real deal original Fugu? I know I have seen it offered from other breeders and if yours is the same I want to grab some. Let me know. Peace Sour B
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    Competition 2 - Name that strain

    Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel - Sour Thai Trainwreck Snowdawg x ECSD - Sour Siberian or Siberian Huskie
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    cheese n chaze (sssdh x cheese)

    Hey Confu! I have don't have first hand experience with this strain but a couple months ago I asked Connoisseur 420 what his 3 favorite strains were and one of his choices was Cheese n Chaze. This is what he said about it: "a cheesey skunk variety with haze and sour diesel phenos popping up...
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    HELP me name that Strain..........

    Hey Karma any idea when you are going to end your contest and pick winners?
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    Competition 2 - Name that strain

    H.A OGK x ECSD - East Coast Rider
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    Competition 2 - Name that strain

    Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel - ECSD bx1 or Trippy Train H.A OGK x ECSD - Biker('s) Diesel Snowdawg x ECSD - Snowdawg Diesel Chemdawg Sister x ECSD - Sour Dawg('s) Sister or East Coast SourChem Sister Chemdawg #4 x ECSD - Diesel Dawg #4 or Sour Dawg #4 Bubba Kush Katsu x...
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    history of bubba kush

    Is it possible the "Humboldt county indica boy" that Hellmutt is talking about is the same Northern Lights that this other guy is talking about or he might have been given seeds from the work Jerry and Bob were doing? IMO the origin of these things are huge and people shouldnt be taking credit...
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    history of bubba kush

    Wow! This is really interesting, his story seems pretty legit. So he is saying Bubba Kush is actually Northern Lights x Kush. And he got these very special Northern Lights seeds from a frat brother in New Orleans who told him they were from Humboldt. He then grew the Northern Lights seeds in...
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    HELP me name that Strain..........

    #1 AJ Sour Diesel x Lucifer OG = Lucifer Diesel or Sour Lucifer #2 Bubba Kush x Lucifer OG = Pre 98 Lucifer Kush #3 The White x Lucifer OG = White Lucifer #4 FireWhite#6 x Lucifer OG = Lucifer's Wifi
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    Malodorous Among Us

    Cant wait to see how the Tre Stars turn out, should be some meaty chem dank!!
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    White D Pics

    Regretting not grabbing these today, your pics look awesome SMF!
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    Next drop coming soon ECSD S1s and more...

    Read this entire thread guys: You will see JJ-NYC, FractaLz, SunSim and many others chime in on the Sour Diesel issue. They say that AJ's Sour Diesel is THE original sour diesel. JJ-NYC: "AJ's Sour is the original Sour Diesel...
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