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  1. BakedasBeans

    November Photo Of The Month

    Sugar leaf
  2. BakedasBeans

    October Photo Of The Month

    The white from dark heart nursery
  3. BakedasBeans

    logic needs help small white bugs crawling in my soil

    ^^good all on the possibility of fungus gnats. I dont know if they would be springtails though. I had a severe springtail problem at my old place (im also a coco grower). The problem was so bad that I petty much gave up on treating my root zone unless I saw something OTHER than springtails. And...
  4. BakedasBeans

    logic needs help small white bugs crawling in my soil

    Ive used spectracide with good results to rid my plants of some pesky root aphids. Only took one treatment but gave a second one just to be safe and havent had any problems since. However, its about as far from organic as you can get haha. It did do a small amount of damage to my plants, but...
  5. BakedasBeans

    Curing - Glass vs. Plastic Jars

    I agree with dirk. I had a similar issue with a big cola so I put the cola in a long plastic jar and the rest of the plant in glass. Same plant same exact curing methods, burped same time ect. Long story short I was really dissappointed when I went to smoke that cola after smoking on stuff that...
  6. BakedasBeans

    Light reflector plug issue!!!!!!!!!

    Whats up kushluvr. What kind of hood and ballastis it? If I am understanding correctly, then they should make and adapter piece that will have one end that fits into your current hood chord and the other matches the ballast. They should have a good selection at your local dro shop. If not then...
  7. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    Sweet thanks for those links! I just checked them out and it says for my area the average wet bulb temp was 58 at it peak(this is the second link you posted). The first link says the "high temp" is 95* MD, 61MWB. THe "high wet bulb" is 63WB and 87* MDB. So if im understandning this right...
  8. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    Ya I would just be exhausting into the garage. The one I looked at had a 5gal res so at .7lt/hr I should only have to refill every other day or so which is no prob at all. This will be my first summer living at this house but not in this city. Our summers are normally pretty hot (nevada)...
  9. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    damn, good question. I guess it would end up being sealed within a sealed. If I went intake ehaust I would use the in room evap cooler. The one I looked at needed no venting at all so by hot air do you mean from inside the room? I was thinking of using the intake/ehaust to counteract the...
  10. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    Cool, ill do some measuring and look into that. It looks like im either gonna have to vent through the crawl space or find a unit that I run a long enough line to the side yard and those seem to be my only 2 options other than dont grow in the garage. Last idea... If I go with an evap unit...
  11. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    Thanks for that link! Im not sure if I can vent up through a roof vent or not I can definitly look though. I was trying to avoid cutting a hole in the ceiling but if I have to I have to. How long can the line be between the condenser and the wall unit? If I put it outside I would have to...
  12. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    Thanks for the response RMCG! Ya I figured the sealed aspect of my room would become an issue with the humidy thats why I didnt know if my dehuey would be able to counter it. What is the dry bulb temp?? Actively.. I dont think so. Ill have to look closer but I think the only way to exchange...
  13. BakedasBeans

    A/C Advice Needed

    Hey whats going on farmers? With the weather starting to warm up I am beinging to have my first battle with heat issues(This is my first grow not being inside a house where the temp is constant all year round). With cold winter temps it was easy.. just go buy a space heater and problem...
  14. BakedasBeans

    Organic White Star Dawg

    Whats up waayne! Those are some healthy lookin babies. Subbed to this one for sure, cant wait to see you kill it with some more gems man!! :harvest:
  15. BakedasBeans

    are these hermaphrodites???????

    Its kinda hard to tell with those pics being farther away. But from these it looks like they are normal females. Could you post some close up shots of the buds and nodes?
  16. BakedasBeans

    Does azatrol kill bennificials?

    Whats up everyone? The title pretty much says it.... I know azatrol is organic but how does it react with your bennificials? Does it kill them or do any harm to the population? Thanks!:harvest:
  17. BakedasBeans

    School Zones

    Awesome! Thanks a lot resin! I thought of calling the program like you did but I didnt think they would answer my question since they could consider it "legal advise."
  18. BakedasBeans

    worms in my rapid rooter grow plugs

    hmmm I havent heard of the larvae crawling on the actual foliage. Maybe some kind of caterpillar or something?? I now the excessive watering could be attractive to fungus gnats but Im not sure what that other bug would be. Do you have a picture of it? Th rooters could definitely bring in bugs if...
  19. BakedasBeans

    worms in my rapid rooter grow plugs

    Oh and maybe get some kind of fogger or hot shot strips to kill the flyers that are already in the room
  20. BakedasBeans

    worms in my rapid rooter grow plugs

    Those are fungus gnat larvae. I have only had them once so I dont a whole lot about treatment but i would assume that azatrol/azamax would do the trick with the least harm to your plants. I saw them in cuts I had rooting and in a fit of rage I just tossed everything and started over (I had just...
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