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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    very nice
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    Dr Greenthumbs Cinderella 99 Harvest and Smoke report

    very interested to hear about the smoke ..very nice pictures of very nice buds. nice exercise of patients. oops didnt read the whole thing sorry rookie mistake. citrus explosion. woo hoo. sold
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    Tahoe OG

    excited to see the tahoe may be the cut i buy . i love my katsu cut
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    Mosca C99 BX...

    cindy has been on my to do list for some time now ..this should get my priorities straight. you know dr got em on sale for 150.00
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    OG GOdfather has arrived!

    excited for you ,would love to witness this thanks for opurtunity . when i figure it out ill have some for you to watch as well thanks again. bubba kush [katsu] x mango [kc brains]...and bubba kush [katsu] x bubble gum [th seeds] .
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    dr greenthumb will not let you down tuned in
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    Chimera can you tell us what drives you to breed cannabis?

    thanks for replying to a great question great to hear the story , excuse me but where are renee genetics????
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    Sharing is Caring!

    sharing nice gift unto others as you would have them gift unto you .
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