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    what up farmers

    Welcome to the farm bro
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    New here

    welcome to the farm bro
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    Cultivating Laws

    Just be careful bro, I get leary around someone after they have been arrested. Pressure bust pipes. imo
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    Bro, it depends on who you know.
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    Cultivating Laws

    Try norml site they may have the info you need. I hate to hear this about your bro, but how did he get knocked off?
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    vegging female clones showing preflowers?

    Thanks for the info
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    Over dosed with to much liquid fertilizer

    Just flush them with ph'd h2o
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    This is What I Does

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    White urkle day 50

    dang bro, that bitch sure is frosty. nice pic
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    8k+ SOG build out.

    lookin good bro
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    New Guy from the East Coast

    welcome bro
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    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    nice vids bro. i enjoy watching in the mid day smoking while wife and kids are away. keep doing your thing. stay safe
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    WESTSIDE test grow

    been waiting for this report. hope all is well bro
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    The CALI CONNECTION...Kush anyone?

    nice plants
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    What's Crackilacking?

    welcome to the farm
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    xeet grow 2010/11: Tahoe OG, Pre98-Bubba BX2, Blackwater, Headband, L.A Con and more

    bro, can u post some blackwater pix? thanx
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    hey yah

    welcome to the farm bro
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    Instant Karma

    damn! that looks good bro
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    new drop

    thanx for the response
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

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