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    Boomer's Ocean Grown 5k watt ScrOG Lab w/ c02

    Hope all is well dog, long time no hear, hope your still growin that dank you were so known for, one of the peps i looked up to man, THANKS!!!
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    Irish Boy's 2011 Spectra Led Grow (Revenge Of Casey Jones)

    i gata get me some leds this shit is amazing
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    357 magnum led / purple kush

    I am truley amazed, i gave up on the led's a year or two ago, when they sucked but apparently i need to get some, 4 of these im my 76"x76"x76" tent would save some much $ in elec and heat. I'll be watching this one till the end, Thanks or showing us this you've made me a believer
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    The Camp - 32 X 1000w Flip Flop - (8) Uc16xl

    WOW this is more then anything i've ever seen, talk about using elec though lol
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    42 Plants 1x1000 Watt Light:)

    SO MANY ACCOUNT?!?!!? :sign0065: its only two, lol and its two separate people dude, im his buddy/roommate, similiar setups/same spot. First off, why such an asswhole attitude? Maybe why that's why im not to tight with the farm? I was just stating thats what i've heard from people who have also...
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    42 Plants 1x1000 Watt Light:)

    The root pots have individual trays under them that keep air flow and prevent root rot, so its not just flat on the ground. A tray would work well but im not a fan of flooding, i just dont think coco in root pots gets proper "rinsing" with the flood technique, but i havn't tried it, just from...
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    Stadium215 - Coco - Vert

    Loving that AD, bout to grow out some Alien Fire (Aliendawg x Raskal OG Fire Dom) Hope she looks as good as your turned out, some of those stem before the topped section were ridiculous. Good work man, bet that de-fanning was a great time!!
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    What a medical grow SHOULD look like...

    Colorado forest for sure! Those are some dense bushes, setup is very clean
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    42 Plants 1x1000 Watt Light:)

    Ya i still haven't seen what i'd like for the $ with LED's they work but not for the $
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    ::: Legion OG :::

    dank apple pies :D
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    42 Plants 1x1000 Watt Light:)

    @Hopefull stoner I agree with you on your info, but with his situation, ( I know, roommates, my tent is next to his lol ) This strain, tent and setup has been producing VERY nice yields in a small area and we've always had them topped(EXCEPT a test one that looks very nice and looks to be...
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    ::: Legion OG :::

    looks like .......
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    Hortilux Super Blue 1000w Dual Arc

    I just got a digi ballast and tried my cheap chinese dual arc and it got way to bright and was pulsing so I un plugged it and threw it back on the mag ballast. Hmmmm maybe its my cheap chinese ballast too lol, it works fine with a normal hps though, for now im just going to stick with the hps in...
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    Oil vaporizer

    I believe you are on to some thing, my uncle is also trying this and is from what it sounds like you both have had the same progress. Almost there but not quite yet lol. I my self have no idea but I sure do hope someone figures it out !
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    GRAPE DRANK! (Read in the Voice of Dave Chappelle)

    HA love the sketch cartoons! Lookin good on the COCO, i too am a fan of coco. The UC people are defiantly blowin up but coco sometimes is just easier lol Subbed
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    DtF'S MiXed Grow #2

    Yo!! Post your pics homie!!! Since DFS is SLACKIN on the harvest pics ill give ya guys a preview lol, lazy pothead.....
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    DtF'S MiXed Grow #2

    Cant wait to smoke it!!!!
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    DtF'S MiXed Grow #2

    Damn this shit is awesome!!!
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    DtF'S MiXed Grow #2

    Looks like a lot of nnugs you've got there
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    AM20 5,400w Tent Pimpin'

    WOW! Nice lookin buds and i cant believe someone stole your bike off your balcony! When i was living in an Apt i always had that fear like if someone wanted they could break in or something if we didnt lock the slider door. lol no i dont feel so dumb for being paranoid i guess people will do...
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